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In Cuba, ar­tists working with chil­dren are few. Howe­ver, the ca­se of Lizt Alfonso with her own chil­dren is a very par­ti­cu­lar. It is no coin­ci­den­ce that in 2011 UNI­CEF will no­mi­na­te her Go­odwill Am­bas­sa­dor. Now, a few ye­ars la­ter, the Pre­si­dent's Com­mit­tee on the Arts and the Hu­ma­ni­ti­es (PCAH) will award her, at the Whi­te Hou­se, with the Na­ti­o­nal Arts and Hu­ma­ni­ti­es Youth Pro­gram Award (NAHYP).

It has be­co­me com­mon­pla­ce that the first lady of the Uni­ted Sta­tes, Mic­he­lle Oba­ma, ho­no­rary pre­si­dent of the Com­mit­tee, in per­son gi­ves such an im­por­tant dis­tinc­ti­on to tho­se ini­ti­a­ti­ves that pro­mo­te the de­ve­lop­ment of art and the hu­ma­ni­ti­es in youth edu­ca­ti­on. It was on the pro­po­sal of the mem­bers of the PCAH that they tra­ve­led to Cuba in April of this ye­ar, that the sc­ho­ol of Lizt Alfonso Dan­ce Cuba (LADC) be­ca­me the first one of the Is­land to ob­tain so high re­cog­ni­ti­on.

Lizt her­self ex­plains what is spe­ci­al about the work being do­ne in this re­gard in the LADC. "First, I must say that the next 2017 our com­pany will turn 25 ye­ars. We we­re ini­ti­ally mo­ti­va­ted by the ne­ed to think about the fu­tu­re of a com­pany that per­forms the fu­si­on sty­le. It is re­ally not easy to find dancers with a wi­de re­gis­ter and who, in ad­di­ti­on, dan­ce well”.

"In our sc­ho­ol we ac­cept all tho­se who wish to en­ter. It is pre­fe­ra­ble that the chil­dren are in class­ro­om le­ar­ning to dan­ce, which is equi­va­lent to gai­ning in dis­ci­pli­ne, ri­gor, to ha­ve a go­al in li­fe, to lo­ok furt­her..., than han­ging around in the stre­ets. We can al­so edu­ca­te the fa­mily and even the neigh­bors that sur­round them”...

"I re­mem­ber that in the first ye­ar the num­ber did not ex­ce­ed 60. The fo­llowing cour­se dou­bled the amount. At pre­sent the­re are 1,200 chil­dren at­ten­ding clas­ses at our sc­ho­ol: all ra­ces, all re­li­gi­ons, all so­ci­al back­grounds ... Be­cau­se we ha­ve to of­fer them all the op­por­tu­ni­ti­es in the world so they can de­ter­mi­ne how far they want to go”, says Lizt who ack­now­led­ges that the news of the pri­ze ex­ci­ted her tre­men­dously.

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