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Af­ter thirty-fi­ve ye­ars of hard work, the fair Arcomadrid has po­si­ti­o­ned it­self as one of the most im­por­tant art events in the world. Ga­lle­ri­es at­ten­ding co­me from all con­ti­nents.

From Fe­bru­ary 22 to 26 next ye­ar, the pres­ti­gi­ous meeting de­di­ca­ted to con­tem­po­rary art will open a new chap­ter of its his­tory. Two hun­dred ga­lle­ri­es dis­tri­bu­ted betwe­en the ge­ne­ral pro­gram and the com­mis­si­o­ned sec­ti­ons will take part in this an­nu­al event.

Arcomadrid 2017 is on­ce again a plat­form to vi­su­a­li­ze the work of ar­tists and to pro­mo­te the exc­han­ge betwe­en ga­lle­ri­es, pro­fes­si­o­nals and collec­tors, gi­ving the Spa­nish ca­pi­tal the tit­le of world ca­pi­tal of con­tem­po­rary art for fi­ve days.

Carlos Ur­roz, di­rec­tor of Ar­co, spoke with Arte por Excelencias about the im­por­tan­ce of the fair, about the way it has ex­pan­ded its ge­o­grap­hi­cal and tem­po­ral ho­ri­zons, and how it adapts to the new ti­mes wit­hout gi­ving up its con­di­ti­on of meeting point of the most cur­rent vi­si­ons of art.

Pre­ci­sely on this last point Ur­roz points out how much Ar­co has evol­ved towards a dif­fe­rent fair, bet­ter sui­ted to the glo­bal eco­no­mic si­tu­a­ti­on.

It's sma­ller, he says, but fo­cu­sed on qua­lity. "A fair whe­re collec­tors co­me to dis­co­ver new ar­tists thanks to the work we do to­get­her with cu­ra­tors who work both in the se­lec­ti­on of ar­tists and in pre­sen­ting new ga­lle­ri­es for the first ti­me in a meeting of the­se mag­ni­tu­des.”

One of the pe­cu­li­a­ri­ti­es that dis­tin­guis­hes Arcomadrid - which will ha­ve in Ar­gen­ti­na the guest country - is the pre­sen­ce of La­tin Ame­ri­can art. Each ye­ar the in­terest of the ga­lle­rists and ar­tists of this part of the world is re­af­fir­med. Ar­gen­ti­na, said Ur­roz, will be re­pre­sen­ted by six­te­en ga­lle­ri­es, alt­hough it is worth no­ting the im­por­tant as­sis­tan­ce of ot­her coun­tri­es such as Bra­zil with four­te­en ga­lle­ri­as plus Co­lom­bia, Cuba, Pu­er­to Ri­co, Ni­ca­ra­gua and Pe­ru.

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