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Mo­re than a sim­ple de­no­mi­na­ti­on or slo­gan to en­ga­ge the cus­to­mer, Excelencias be­ca­me the main pur­po­se of a com­pany that oxy­ge­na­ted the pu­blis­hing world of the lar­gest of the West In­di­es du­ring the 90s of the last cen­tury. The Excelencias Group ca­me to de­mons­tra­te that the qua­lity of its pro­po­sals was not an end it­self, but the day to day of pro­fes­si­o­nals who work to re­ve­al the ex­ce­llen­ce of what, as usu­al, es­ca­pes the most com­mon of the hu­mans.

The emer­gen­ce in 1997 of a ma­ga­zi­ne de­di­ca­ted to tou­rism in the Ca­rib­be­an and the Ame­ri­cas was the for­ced fod of a ri­go­rous work of for­mal and con­cep­tu­al se­arch for the cre­a­ti­on of pu­bli­ca­ti­ons that pro­mo­ted from the ar­tis­tic cul­tu­re to the gas­tro­nomy, from the be­auty of the sur­roun­dings Na­tu­ral to re­fi­ne­ment in the design of a pa­tri­mo­ni­al va­lue.

Excelencias is that ... and much mo­re. It was not by chan­ce then that the idea emer­ged in 2005 to cre­a­te a Prize which, as its call says, is com­mit­ted to "pro­mo­ting ex­ce­llen­ce in dif­fe­rent fi­elds, all re­la­ted to tou­rism and cul­tu­re", in re­cog­ni­zing tho­se who work "Always with the go­al of being ex­ce­llent". The win­ners re­flect the cor­rect­ness of the name of a com­pany and its gre­a­ter re­cog­ni­ti­on.

The awards in Spain we­re gi­ven at the re­cently con­clu­ded In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Tou­rism Fair of Ma­drid (Fi­tur), and tho­se from Cuba are wai­ting for the first fort­night of Fe­bru­ary. Both awards are of a gre­a­ter im­por­tan­ce this ye­ar sin­ce they take pla­ce du­ring the ce­le­bra­ti­ons for the twenty ye­ars of the edi­to­ri­al pro­ject.

Re­co­no­ci­dos con el Premio Excelencias 2016 en España.

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