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If we are ha­ving go­od ti­me dis­cus­sing the relationship between tou­rism and cul­tu­re, it is not by sim­ple rhe­to­ri­cal exer­ci­se. The sus­tai­na­bi­lity and de­ve­lop­ment of the na­ti­o­nal tou­rism in­dustry, and the Cu­ban eco­nomy and so­ci­ety in ge­ne­ral, de­pend he­a­vily on the flui­dity of the com­mu­ni­ca­ting ves­sels between the two sp­he­res.

It so hap­pens that the­se re­la­ti­ons­hips are not always harmonious or con­gru­ent. They ha­ve even be­co­me an­ta­go­nis­tic. At the le­vel of the go­ver­ning bo­di­es, agre­e­ments and agre­e­ments can be draf­ted, mo­ni­to­ring pro­grams can be drawn up, joint stra­te­gi­es de­ve­lo­ped and com­mit­ments ma­de. This, howe­ver, is not enough.

The big­gest pro­blem li­es in the sa­me un­ders­tan­ding of the mat­ter. As long as so­me­o­ne thinks about desig­ning a cul­tu­re for tou­rism, it will not mo­ve forward. You ha­ve to put the equa­ti­on to the right. Tou­rism is the one that must be in­ser­ted, in an or­ga­nic way, in the cul­tu­ral li­fe of the country.

Tou­rism is not only an eco­no­mic ac­ti­vity of the hig­hest or­der for Cuba, be­cau­se of the in­co­me it brings and its weight in the growth of the gross do­mes­tic pro­duct. It is, abo­ve all, a cul­tu­ral fact.

Cul­tu­re is an ele­ment that is subs­tan­ti­ally as­so­ci­a­ted with tou­rism. Cul­tu­re is not a jux­ta­po­sed or me­rely uti­li­ta­ri­an fac­tor. Not as me­re at­trac­ti­on, but as the foun­da­ti­on of a pos­si­ble, ne­ces­sary, and mu­tu­ally en­ric­hing relationship between hu­man beings.

In the lan­gua­ge of spe­ci­a­lists, the con­cept of cul­tu­ral tou­rism is ma­na­ged as a mo­da­lity. They even get to branch out their va­ri­ants.

Per­haps at the ope­ra­ti­o­nal le­vel this is re­le­vant, but if we stick to the pro­jec­ti­on that we ad­dress, we will agree that every tou­rist event is cul­tu­ral. That is why I in­vi­te you not only to avoid this re­dun­dancy, but to as­su­me a co­he­rent pers­pec­ti­ve, for me, the only pos­si­ble one, in the pro­mo­ti­on of tou­rism.

Tou­rism de­ser­ves to know and en­joy the best of Cu­ban cul­tu­re. Cul­tu­re is not only a cult of be­auty, but a call to so­ci­al cons­ci­ous­ness, spi­ri­tu­al en­rich­ment and a way to fully un­ders­tand our iden­tity.

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