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For ye­ars and in va­ri­ous fo­rums throug­hout Cuba, it has be­en dis­cus­sed about the of­fer of mu­sic pro­ducts, how much mu­sic could con­tri­bu­te to the de­ve­lop­ment of in­ter­na­ti­o­nal tou­rism. It hap­pens that if such a relationship works pro­perly, and not as it has be­en up to the pre­sent, it could be be­ne­fi­ci­al for the country.

It was from the new re­a­lity that emer­ged af­ter the disap­pe­a­ran­ce of the for­mer so­ci­a­list camp that in Cuba the con­cep­ti­on of the func­ti­ons of mu­sic be­gan to chan­ge. It was al­so at that mo­ment that the idea of the emer­gen­ce of the market with its ru­le of supply and de­mand, Dre­am (still un­re­a­li­zed) of de­ve­lo­ping a mu­sic in­dustry was early dis­cus­sed.

Nowa­days the con­di­ti­ons ha­ve chan­ged and to even main­tain that vo­ca­ti­on of the di­rec­ti­on of the country

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