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Un­der the di­rec­ti­on of the Pro­vin­ci­al Coun­cil of Per­for­ming Arts and the Cul­tu­ral Cen­ter The­a­ter Eddy Suñol, the res­to­ra­ti­on of the Colonial The­a­ter of Gibara is car­ri­ed out joi­ning for­ces in or­der to re­turn, as far as pos­si­ble, the buil­ding to its ori­gi­nal sta­te. This is at­temp­ted whi­le al­so of­fe­ring the pos­si­bi­lity to ha­ve a mo­re con­tem­po­rary use. The idea is to res­cue the sha­pe and de­co­ra­ti­on of the ro­om 1890, all wo­o­den, au­di­to­ri­um ty­pe hor­ses­hoe sha­ped ac­cor­ding to the mo­del of the Ita­li­an the­a­ter, with an ap­pro­xi­ma­te capa­city for two hun­dred and forty pe­o­ple, dis­tri­bu­ted in three le­vels. It is a cha­llen­ge and the cen­tral axis of the in­ter­ven­ti­on is the adap­ta­ti­on of the sta­ge spa­ce to the re­qui­re­ments of the mo­dern the­a­tri­cal func­ti­on. This is why a new sta­ge mec­ha­nics, lights and sound are thought of, ful­fi­lling the ne­ces­sary op­ti­cal and acous­tic stan­dards.

To the left of the buil­ding, se­en from the front, is ex­pec­ted the re­co­very of its pa­tio or gar­den, which is fit­ted with an al­ter­na­ti­ve ex­te­ri­or ro­om con­cei­ved with a mo­dern light struc­tu­re. This is com­ple­men­ted with a small bar-ca­fe­te­ria and pu­blic sa­ni­tary ser­vi­ces, com­monly used with the the­a­ter. On the­se ob­jects and for­ming part of a new buil­ding ad­joi­ning the the­a­ter, the­re are of­fi­ces and a VIP loun­ge with di­rect ac­cess to the in­te­ri­or of the se­cond le­vel of the ro­om.

As plan­ned for the first pha­se of cons­truc­ti­on, the lo­ad be­a­ring struc­tu­re is al­re­ady res­to­red and new ti­les are pla­ced, ba­lus­ters, mol­dings, lat­ti­ces and wo­o­den ele­ments in ge­ne­ral are ca­re­fully re­pro­du­ced. For the sa­tis­fac­ti­on and pri­de of Gi­ba­reños and Hol­gui­ne­ros, li­fe is again felt in this spe­ci­al buil­ding in the city of Gibara, which ho­pes to re­o­pen its do­ors to ar­tists and pu­blic of to­day and to­mor­row, thus pro­vi­ding his­to­ri­cal con­ti­nuity, fo­od for tra­di­ti­on and subli­me res­pect for art.

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