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Cos­me Pro­en­za Al­ma­guer (Hol­guín, 1948) has cre­a­ted his own uni­ver­se in his pain­ting that dis­tin­guis­hes him in the Cu­ban art sce­ne. He was born in Ta­ca­jó, whe­re he dre­a­med of many things. “I li­ved on a be­au­ti­ful es­ta­te, a pa­ra­di­se cre­a­ted by my grand­pa­rents. I was not a pro­digy child like Mo­zart. I liked pain­ting a lot and re­ad a lot. That cre­a­ted a foun­da­ti­on that ma­de me jump in the thought. I li­ved the­re and was a te­ac­her in Hol­guin. I worked on the we­ekends, pain­ting a lot in one of the ro­oms of the hou­se fa­cing the stre­et. The­re, I did much of my work.”

Luis Cos­me went to the Na­ti­o­nal Sc­ho­ol of Art with a dif­fe­rent vi­si­on. "It was a very hard re­gi­me, but it se­ems that such things ac­ce­le­ra­te the hu­man spi­rit. It was a ti­me that ge­ne­ra­ted a lot of spi­ri­tu­a­lity, per­haps be­cau­se of po­verty and lack. The­re is a drawing of mi­ne, of the litt­le that is ex­po­sed in the Na­ti­o­nal Mu­se­um of Fi­ne

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