Arte por Excelencias - - España -

Gi­ving gla­mo­rous en­tran­ce to the we­ek of art, Madrid ends the fas­hi­on we­ek, anot­her way to show the art that dri­ves us to stroll through Madrid.

In the Pa­la­ce of Nep­tu­ne, in the stre­et of Cer­van­tes and be­hind the ho­tel Wes­tin Pa­la­ce ope­ned, du­ring this we­ek in which Madrid over­flows Art, the new Ur­va­nity Art ex­hi­bi­ti­on spa­ce, a new way of pre­sen­ting art to cre­a­tors, ga­lle­ri­es and spe­ci­a­li­zed pu­bli­ca­ti­ons.

Walking ten mi­nu­tes and you will get to Art Madrid, anot­her of the gre­at events that takes pla­ce du­ring the­se days, this in the pa­la­ce of Ci­be­les, hou­se of the City Coun­cil of the city.

Walking around Madrid we will re­ach Hor­ta­le­za Stre­et 63, whe­re Just Madrid re­cently ope­ned its do­ors, an emer­ging art fair, and the third pa­ra­llel event to Arco, one of the most im­por­tant con­tem­po­rary art fairs in the world.

If anyt­hing we should point out is the lack of pa­ra­llel events that would mag­nify our Madrid taking ad­van­ta­ge of this op­por­tu­nity. In prin­ci­ple we ha­ve to be mo­re Ibe­ro-ame­ri­can, take ad­van­ta­ge of the Spain as do­or of Eu­ro­pe and show­ca­se the world. We are Ame­ri­ca and Ame­ri­ca is Spain, or so it should be.

We lack the in­te­gra­ti­on of Madrid with its res­tau­rants, the­a­ters, stre­ets and parks, which should be mer­ged and then con­vey the fu­si­on with art, in the­se days at le­ast, showing tou­rists and lo­cals anot­her si­de of Madrid.

Let's tra­vel Madrid and en­joy our city, le­arn to show it as we are the best city in the world, at le­ast let's work for it, whe­re all the tou­rists should fe­el at ho­me.

Let us fu­se this phy­si­cal ne­ed with an ele­ment in which the sen­ses make us vi­bra­te with a pe­cu­li­ar ex­pe­ri­en­ce, let us know the Spa­nish mas­ter chefs. The tou­rists will al­so take to their country this me­mory, ac­com­pa­ni­ed by our Ñ, a dis­tinc­ti­ve sym­bol of our cul­tu­re and Lan­gua­ge, whe­re Ñ is al­so art.

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