Arte por Excelencias - - México -

The 14th Edi­ti­on of the Maco Con­tem­po­rary Art Fair in Me­xi­co City cul­mi­na­ted, for so­me, the most im­por­tant one that takes pla­ce in Ame­ri­ca af­ter Art Ba­sel in Mi­a­mi. Be­si­des the ar­gua­ble that may be in the pre­vi­ous as­ser­ti­on the fact is that Zo­na Maco is one of the most pu­bli­ci­zed ... and dis­cus­sed.

Arte por Ex­ce­len­ci­as was pre­sent in tho­se days when a lot of pu­blic had to go to the pa­vi­li­on of ex­hi­bi­ti­ons Ci­ti­ba­na­mex to ob­ser­ve this ex­hi­bi­ti­on of art from all over the world at­ten­ded by 150 ex­hi­bi­tors re­pre­sen­ting 120 art ga­lle­ri­es. You do not always ha­ve the op­por­tu­nity to vi­sit in just one lo­ca­ti­on the most im­por­tant ga­lle­ri­es in the world, and to see all the trends in con­tem­po­rary plas­tic arts.

"Con­tem­po­rary plas­tic arts" is per­haps not the best de­fi­ni­ti­on to in­clu­de in everyt­hing se­en in Zo­na Maco 2017. Mul­ti­pli­city of re­a­dings could be do­ne by just mo­ving from one pa­vi­li­on to anot­her. Many of tho­se who pa­ra­ded through our bo­oth at the Fair ques­ti­o­ned whet­her such an ins­ta­lla­ti­on could be con­si­de­red art or was a te­a­se di­rec­ted at nai­ve or ne­ophy­tes. Art, if it is art, alo­ne is dis­tin­guis­hed. And if what our eyes see awakens a lo­gi­cal re­a­so­ning, eit­her for or against ...

Art? Mo­ody? Snob­bery? Ex­pan­si­on of lar­ge chain sto­res? The­se are the ques­ti­ons asked by the au­di­en­ce again and again. Can this be bla­med on the or­ga­ni­zers? Well, no, man, the­re is no fair of con­tem­po­rary art that does not al­so ha­ve so­met­hing of de­ceit and of market so re­la­ted in the­se ti­mes that run.

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