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São Pau­lo, the most me­tro­po­li­tan and cos­mo­po­li­tan city in South Ame­ri­ca, with about 18 mi­lli­on in­ha­bi­tants and im­mi­grants from mo­re than 196 dif­fe­rent coun­tri­es, re­fu­ses to be drow­ned by the gray of con­cre­te and asp­halt. Graf­fi­ti be­gan to ap­pe­ar everyw­he­re as pro­of that the ur­ban cre­a­tu­res that in­ha­bit this city are not re­sig­ned to hi­ding the mot­ley chro­ma­tic ran­ge that they carry in their cul­tu­ral ge­nes.

The epi­cen­ter of this earth­quake of sha­pes and co­lors is lo­ca­ted in the Pin­hei­ros neigh­bor­ho­od, spe­ci­fi­cally in Vi­la Ma­da­le­na. The­re, as if by a ma­gic, O be­co do Bat­man ap­pe­a­red: the hou­ses of the neigh­bors, the ga­ra­ge do­ors, the walls and even the light posts, the si­dewalks and the asp­halt are de­co­ra­ted in a mad­ness of co­lors.

Anot­her pla­ce de­di­ca­ted to graf­fi­ti is Cru­zei­ro do Sul ave­nue, which to­day is con­si­de­red the first Open Mu­se­um of Ur­ban Art (MAAU) in the world, a go­vern­men­tal ini­ti­a­ti­ve of 2011. Howe­ver, a few ye­ars ear­li­er, in São Pau­lo, the Cle­an City Act was en­for­ced. On the one hand, the aut­ho­ri­ti­es era­se, co­ve­ring with gray paint many of the walls pain­ted, on the ot­her, graf­fi­ti ar­tists paint them again.

The pau­lis­ta­nos do not for­get how all the co­lors of a gre­at wall in the 23 de Ma­io Ave­nue we­re ex­tin­guis­hed with gray paint in 2008. They we­re co­ve­red with graffitis ma­de in 2002. Af­ter much pro­test, the wall was re­pain­ted. At pre­sent 23 de Ma­io Ave­nue ex­hi­bits mo­re than 15 thou­sand squa­re me­ters of works of about 200 ar­tists who ex­pres­sed them­sel­ves and pro­tes­ted...

So now you know: if you are going to vi­sit the me­ga me­tro­po­lis of Bra­zil ob­ser­ve the city from anot­her pers­pec­ti­ve: like the one of its graf­fi­ti...

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