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Des­pi­te the bust­le, he me­di­ta­tes. He always me­di­ta­tes. Tho­se who jud­ge him at first sight are wrong. His li­fe is a per­ma­nent jour­ney to the se­ed, and to his ho­me­land, that pla­net we call Cuba, which is al­so hu­ma­nity.

Whi­le walking, it se­ems that he does not touch the ground; As if le­vi­ta­ting, but sett­led in a firm cloud. He mo­ves his arms shyly and rhyth­mi­cally, with ele­gan­ce and at the sa­me ti­me with mys­tery, wit­hout ob­vi­ous ges­tu­res that be­tray his true fe­e­lings. They are the se­cret ges­tu­res that run through his work. Be­cau­se he is al­so an enig­ma and what he does is marked by the con­tra­dic­tory har­mony not only of his li­fe, but of all pos­si­ble li­ves.

I spe­ak, of cour­se, of a most vi­tal do­er who res­ponds to the na­me of Eduardo Ro­ca Sa­la­zar, but whom no one in this world would be able to iden­tify by such sig­ns; Ins­te­ad, say Choco or Cho­co­la­te, let the an­ces­tral for­ce of your cul­tu­re evol­ve, and you will ha­ve be­fo­re you one of the most im­por­tant Cu­ban ar­tists of all ti­me.

Alt­hough his ori­gin co­mes from a fu­si­on of pa­tri­mo­ni­al cul­tu­res, whe­re the re­sult always de­ni­es and sur­pas­ses the parts, whi­le pri­vi­le­ging a no­ti­on of the Cu­ban ro­o­ted in the con­ju­ga­ti­on of the pro­perly con­cep­tu­al, the sym­bo­lic and the ge­nui­nely po­pu­lar.

This is the Choco that I ha­ve se­en grow and grow in ti­me, and such the part of the re­per­toi­re that I de­ci­de to look at when I vi­sit it in its study.

Choco is the fa­ce in gra­ti­tu­de, and his work, an es­sen­ti­al part of the sour­ce.

Pity for tho­se who do not see it, tho­se who, from wan­ting to for­get it, always re­mem­ber it. They are the blind of soul and the tor­tu­rers with law. I un­ders­tand my­self.

Cho­co­la­te is a pri­ze for this is­land­pla­net-hu­ma­nity, and it ap­pre­ci­a­tes it.

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