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In the Ecu­a­do­ri­an jun­gle, on the banks of the Na­po Ri­ver, one of the main tri­bu­ta­ri­es of the Ama­zon, you will find Puerto Misahualli. It is a vi­lla­ge known for the whi­te sands of the ri­ver­bank; The ple­a­sant co­e­xis­ten­ce of pe­o­ple with the Ca­puc­hin monkeys; Ex­cur­si­ons through the jun­gle; Sai­ling in ca­noe and the vi­sit to in­di­ge­nous com­mu­ni­ti­es such as the Muyu­na.

Puerto Misahualli is the ide­al pla­ce to know the cul­tu­ral he­ri­ta­ge of the Ecu­a­do­ri­an Ama­zon. The na­tu­re and the ge­ne­ro­sity of its in­ha­bi­tants cons­pi­re so that the tra­ve­ler, for su­re, re­gis­ters in his log a stay ple­a­sant and be­au­ti­ful.

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