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It se­e­med that af­ter the al­bum Pa­la­bras (2014) Hay­dée Mi­la­nés was going to let us bre­at­he, I would wait for the lump in my thro­at to gi­ve way, and the joy that the im­mor­tal songs of Marta Val­des pro­voked in us, which she fills with fe­e­lings. Howe­ver, the sin­gu­lar in­ter­pre­ter has not left us ti­me to re­co­ver and has poin­ted us di­rectly to the he­art.

It has be­en as usu­al so smart this be­au­ti­ful wo­man, who cho­se 11 songs, tho­se that af­ter being he­ard be­gin to ac­com­pany us fo­re­ver. Com­po­si­ti­ons sig­ned by one of the gre­a­test mu­si­ci­ans of Latin Ame­ri­ca of all ti­me, and ma­xi­mum pri­de of Cuba, his fat­her. With them she put to­get­her the al­bum Amor, Hay­dée Mi­la­nés a dúo con Pa­blo Mi­la­nés, who in the sa­me we­ek of its pre­mi­e­re on the In­ter­net ma­na­ged to po­si­ti­on it­self as the fourth best se­ller in the top of Itunes.

May­be Hay­dée had taken too long to gi­ve us this re­cord that brings to­get­her com­po­si­ti­ons that our be­lo­ved Paul con­cei­ved between 1960 and 1980. So­me of them very litt­le spre­ad.

“Always one of my big­gest dre­ams was to sha­re mu­sic with my fat­her. Now I ha­ve gi­ven my­self the ple­a­su­re of brin­ging the­se be­au­ti­ful songs to our ti­me, res­pec­ting, abo­ve all, their na­tu­re, their es­sen­ce, their be­auty” Hay­dée ex­plai­ned to the press when they wan­ted to know her mo­ti­va­ti­ons to gi­ve us Amor... , A pho­no­gram that re­mains avai­la­ble on di­gi­tal plat­forms.

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