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Chi­le­an sin­ger Ani­ta Ti­joux has not co­me to the Is­land sin­ce the 1990s. Now she re­turns for the Pa­tria Gran­de Latin Ame­ri­can Mu­sic Fes­ti­val, one of the gre­a­test ex­po­nents of hip hop in the re­gi­on.

“Every ti­me I co­me he­re I ha­ve a dif­fe­rent re­a­ding. It is a country that de­ser­ves to be for so­me ti­me to de­eply un­ders­tand it; it is not just anot­her pla­net, but anot­her pla­net in anot­her ti­me ... like a dou­ble voya­ge. It is one of the few pla­ces in the world whe­re being an ar­tist is a sta­tus, is con­si­de­red a pro­fes­si­on, a na­ti­o­nal pri­de. I think it is uni­que how much it has be­en in­ves­ted in cul­tu­re in Cuba. I'm su­per gra­te­ful to the pe­o­ple for their. This jour­ney has be­en a spe­ar­he­ad to ge­ne­ra­te de­e­per ti­es.”

About his ex­pe­ri­en­ce on the sta­ge with sin­ger-songw­ri­ter Sil­vio Ro­drí­guez, she com­men­ted that sha­ring “with such an im­por­tant ce­le­brity that has re­mai­ned in the ti­me main­tai­ning its li­ne, de­ser­ves the dou­ble of ad­mi­ra­ti­on. It is not only a Cu­ban icon, but Latin Ame­ri­can, world-wi­de one. My who­le ge­ne­ra­ti­on grew up with him; it has be­en part of our mu­si­cal edu­ca­ti­on.”

“I ha­ve not had so much op­por­tu­nity to he­ar new things the­se days, be­cau­se we ha­ve had a tight sc­he­du­le. That's why I'm in­teres­ted in get­ting back to go a litt­le bit de­e­per, ha­ve a mo­re re­al res­pon­se and not be cloying about the Cu­ban rap mo­ve­ment.”

“It always sur­pri­ses me how mu­sic suc­ce­eds in sticking to ot­her spa­ces, how it cros­ses fa­mily walls, and per­haps that is why it is a per­fect cul­tu­ral fo­od chain.”

“Glo­ba­li­za­ti­on has ma­na­ged to make a sort of co­mic about each cul­tu­re. Latin Ame­ri­ca is an ex­tre­mely di­ver­se and com­plex con­ti­nent, from the cul­tu­ral, ge­o­grap­hic and cli­ma­tic”

“Cul­tu­re must be constantly re­newed. Each per­son is a dif­fe­rent ga­laxy; each ar­tist will ha­ve their re­ci­pe to be in this cons­tant re­newal or se­arch”.

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