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de la em­ba­ja­da de La Habana en Bo­gotá, y en ple­no fes­te­jo por el Día de la Cul­tu­ra Cu­ba­na, Tony de­cla­ró a Pren­sa La­ti­na sen­tir­se fe­liz con la no­mi­na­ci­ón, má­xi­me cu­an­do su nú­me­ro fue in­ter­pre­ta­do por Johnny Ven­tu­ra y Gil­ber­to San­ta Rosa. «No lo es­pe­ra­ba, desde ya me si­en­to pre­mi­a­do, es un pri­vi­le­gio in­men­so», co­men­tó el ar­tis­ta, no­mi­na­do como au­tor por otros cu­a­tro nú­me­ros in­clui­dos en el vo­lu­men de Ven­tu­ra y re­a­li­za­do con la pro­duc­ci­ón mu­si­cal de Ede­sio Alejandro. Com­pe­tía en el apar­ta­do de Me­jor Álbum de Sal­sa.


Tony y sus mú­si­cos fu­e­ron re­ci­bi­dos en el ayun­ta­mi­en­to mu­ni­ci­pal por la al­cal­de­sa de San Ju­an, la ho­no­ra­ble Car­men Yu­lín Cruz. Ella pre­sen­tó a Tony an­te los prin­ci­pa­les me­di­os de pren­sa de Puerto Ri­co como in­vi­ta­do es­pe­ci­al de la ciu­dad ca­pi­tal.

En la ta­ri­ma mayor de las tra­di­ci­o­na­les Fi­es­tas de la Ca­lle San Se­bas­tián, Tony Ávi­la can­tó por es­pa­cio de más de una ho­ra va­ri­os de sus éxi­tos, como «Tiene que ha­ber de tó», «Na­da más triste», «To­das las mu­je­res di­cen», «Ci­en­tí­fi­ca­men­te ne­gro» y «Las nu­bes». They call Him Tony Avi­la, but his na­me is An­to­nio Avi­la Ba­cas and was born on Au­gust 13, 1970 in Ma­ri­a­nao, Ha­va­na. His mu­sic has be­en he­ard in En­gland, Ve­ne­zu­e­la, Pe­ru, Co­lom­bia, Puerto Ri­co, the Uni­ted Sta­tes and Bra­zil, but in Cuba it suf­fi­ces to men­ti­on The hut of Chic­ha and Chac­ho, so that everyo­ne points to this phi­lo­sop­her gra­du­a­ted from uni­ver­sity, mu­si­ci­an Of he­art and trou­ba­dour for li­fe.

In words to his new al­bum, Let the­re be light, cri­tic and mu­sic pro­du­cer Jo­sé Ma­nu­el García González, ex­plains this for­mu­la for suc­cess: “... so­me­o­ne with the abi­lity to mo­ve in the fi­nest hu­mor from the gua­rac­ha to the song With a sharp ed­ge, put­ting the fin­ger suc­cess­fully in the most sen­si­ti­ve are­as of our daily li­ves.”

Chic­ha and Chac­ho's hut, re­cor­ded on the al­bum ... In Ti­er­ra (2011), brought him to po­pu­la­rity in Cuba and in­ter­na­ti­o­nally, alt­hough sin­ce the 90's he had be­en working as part of two mu­si­cal groups ba­sed in Ha­va­na. But al­re­ady Johnny Ven­tu­ra and Gil­ber­to San­ta Rosa sing songs from his al­bum Tim­bi­ric­he (2013), whi­le his al­bum of 2016 ap­pe­ars no­mi­na­ted in the Latin Grammys, in the ca­te­gory of Best Tro­pi­cal Song, thanks to The Bu­llet, collec­ted in the al­bum Tron­co Vi­e­jo.

“I did not ex­pect it, sin­ce I fe­el rewar­ded, it's an im­men­se pri­vi­le­ge,” said Tony Avi­la when he le­ar­ned of the news whi­le he was in Bo­go­ta, Co­lom­bia.

Now for the fair Cu­ba­dis­co 2017 Tony has two re­cord pro­duc­ti­ons: one de­di­ca­ted to the work of Faus­ti­no Ora­mas, El Gu­aya­be­ro; And the ot­her To make light, whe­re he re­af­firms his class as a com­po­ser and per­for­mer.

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