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I star­ted my ar­tis­tic ca­re­er on Oc­to­ber 12, 1957, when I sig­ned up for and was the win­ner of the con­test Lo­oking for the Iron­be­er Mo­del at the Pre­si­den­te Ho­tel in Ha­va­na. It was a be­auty con­test whe­re, in ad­di­ti­on to the phy­si­cal qua­li­ti­es, the man­ners and cul­tu­ral le­vel we­re prai­sed...

I sig­ned up as a dan­cer in the Ca­ba­ret Habana Ri­vi­e­ra, lo­oking for work. I re­mem­ber they we­re put­ting on the work Sen­se­mayá Olokun, and we­ek la­ter they fi­red me be­cau­se the Ame­ri­can said that I was too cu­te, very blon­de, and had a lot of ex­ten­si­on, but Cu­ban I was not. Then the gre­at Mer­ce­di­tas Val­des le­ar­ned of my tra­gedy and said: le­a­ve it to me, that in a we­ek I will ha­ve her ne­gri­ta. So it was.

I mar­ri­ed Edwin, who was my ac­ting te­ac­her and com­pa­ni­on for mo­re than forty ye­ars. He taught me that the li­fe of a dan­cer is very short, whi­le that of an ac­tress is eter­nal.

This is a pro­fes­si­on whe­re we train every day and le­arn from the fi­gu­res. Ra­quel Re­vu­el­ta said that the gre­a­test vir­tue of an ac­tor is hu­mi­lity, to know that he does not know everyt­hing.

The­re is no pre­sent wit­hout past or fu­tu­re wit­hout pre­sent, so I help the young ac­tors who want to le­arn with hu­mi­lity and te­ach them that the sc­ho­ol only gi­ves the to­ols to act, and then you ha­ve to de­mons­tra­te it with dis­ci­pli­ne on sta­ge.

For me to be a clown is the gre­a­test art, you ha­ve to know how to re­pre­sent a cha­rac­ter and it is very dif­fi­cult, be­cau­se you must mas­ter the lan­gua­ge of chil­dren, know how to tre­at them, cap­tu­re their at­ten­ti­on with cha­ris­ma and res­pect. If you get it in the first three mi­nu­tes of the show, then the fight is won.

It's a ma­gi­cal pro­fes­si­on, be­cau­se an ac­tor can fe­el bad, but when he go­es on sta­ge he for­gets everyt­hing, not­hing hurts at all. I be­li­e­ve that ta­lent is born with the per­son, and then li­fe and sc­ho­ol de­ve­lop it. Telf.: (53) 7832 9555 / 7836 8187 / 7836 5844. Email: ac­tu­ar@cu­bar­ / co­mer­ci­a­lac­tu­ar@cu­bar­ Web:­tu­ar­cu­

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