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Fer­nan­do Ja­vi­er Gonzá­lez Lon­go­ria Car­ra­le­ro is hardly known by such a long na­me. If you ask around in Gibara af­ter Lon­go­ria, which sounds like a nick­na­me, they will tell you right away what new si­te he is res­to­ring. Be­cau­se this qui­et man has not ce­a­sed to res­to­re sig­ni­fi­cant buil­dings in his ho­me city, alt­hough he li­ves in Hol­guìn.

He is now at old Te­a­tro Co­lo­ni­al, whe­re the ex­cep­ti­o­nal lum­ber it is ma­de of be­gins to take on a li­fe of its own, es­pe­ci­ally when this has be­en and still is the Mu­se­um of Art. He has be­en part of tho­se who, ins­pi­red on María Cha­cón Pa­von's ef­forts, di­rec­tor of the mu­se­um, ma­de up the mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary te­am of tech­ni­ci­ans, en­gi­ne­ers, and arc­hi­tects who ha­ve per­se­ve­red to de­fend this he­ri­ta­ge.

The ar­ran­ge­ment of fac­tors do­es not chan­ge the pro­duct: the sa­me can be se­en in Lon­go­ria's work at Cen­tro Cul­tu­ral El Co­lo­ni­al, at Gibara's li­brary, in the dis­play ca­bi­nets of the Na­tu­ral His­tory Mu­se­um and ho­tel La Ar­se­ni­ta, which was the old run-down hou­se about to co­llapse on the most im­por­tant cor­ner of the town; as well as in the mag­ni­fi­cen­ce of the Casa de la Cul­tu­ra, the hos­ting ve­nue of the Fes­ti­val In­ter­na­ci­o­nal de Ci­ne and, for mo­re than ten ye­ars, of the or­ga­ni­zing com­mit­tee of Ci­ne Po­bre run by Hum­ber­to Solás.

Lon­go­ria is a mem­ber, in his pro­vin­ce, of Ar­te­sa­nos por la Vida group, that makes a sys­te­ma­tic con­tri­bu­ti­on to sup­port fos­ter ho­mes, re­si­den­ti­al ho­mes for the el­derly, and the On­co­lo­gi­cal Ward of Hos­pi­tal Pe­diá­tri­co of Hol­guín. His works ha­ve be­en se­en at Fe­ria In­ter­na­ci­o­nal de Ar­te­sa­nía (Fi­art) for four ye­ars, at Fe­ri­as­cu­ba-ecu­a­dor in Am­ba­tos, and in Can­cún, Me­xi­co, and al­so sys­te­ma­ti­cally at Fe­ria Ibe­ro Arte in Hol­guín.

He is, too, one of tho­se who are in­dis­pen­sa­ble and fight for a li­fe­ti­me.

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