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So­me­ti­mes Lizt Al­fon­so fe­els that her arms are not strong enough to hug strongly tho­se who, for mo­re than 25 ye­ars, ha­ve ma­de it pos­si­ble that her re­now­ned com­pany be like an is­land in­si­de anot­her. Qua­li­ti­es that are “in dan­ger of ex­tinc­ti­on” everyw­he­re are kept like a mi­ra­cle in the he­art of Old Ha­va­na, across Con­ven­to de Be­lén: be­auty, pro­fes­si­o­na­lism, ri­gor, dis­ci­pli­ne, cre­a­ti­vity, de­di­ca­ti­on, pas­si­on, com­mit­ment, spi­ri­tu­a­lity, evo­lu­ti­on, energy, re­ci­pro­city...

«I am cons­tantly fi­lled with the desi­re to hug tho­se who ac­com­pany me in making this dre­am co­me true and to thank them every mi­nu­te, not be­cau­se they are gi­ving me a gift but be­cau­se we are re­ga­ling one anot­her with a full exis­ten­ce, to hug tho­se who are fas­ci­na­ted with our art, tho­se hun­dreds of chil­dren that we edu­ca­te and turn in­to cham­pi­ons of their cul­tu­re; for this city and for the fu­tu­re».

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