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The ar­ri­val of a ty­pi­cal “al­men­drón” on the stre­ets of the 57th Bi­en­ni­al of Ve­ne­ce, first tra­ve­ling on a bo­at through the ca­nals, la­ter pus­hed along its nar­row stre­ets un­til re­con­ver­ted by Cu­ban ar­tist Es­te­rio Se­gu­ra in­to the “Hí­bri­do de Crys­ler,” (“The Chrys­ler Hy­brid”) with its de­fi­ant air­craft wings across the Lo­ren­dan Pa­la­ce sym­bo­li­zes my old ma­xim that for the bold the­re is not­hing im­pos­si­ble.…

When, twenty ye­ars ago, we foun­ded Gru­po Ex­ce­len­ci­as, many skep­tics and pru­dent in­di­vi­du­als sug­ges­ted not to go to fast “be­cau­se of the hard cri­sis going on many parts of the world, in Cuba and, not even ima­gi­ning at the ti­me, la­ter in Spain. But, as Eins­tein ex­plai­ned, a cri­sis is an op­por­tu­nity, and he­re we are, about to ce­le­bra­te even the ninth an­ni­ver­sary of, a pro­ject then a re­a­lity now, Arte por Ex­ce­len­ci­as, that ca­me in­to light on Ja­nu­ary, 2009..

Hen­ce the hug ple­a­su­re with which we pack to de­part for our stand in ART BO, in the cha­ris­ma­tic ca­pi­tal of Co­lom­bia, in ti­mes of pe­a­ce now, and the joy to par­ti­ci­pa­te in X Fe­ria Swab Bar­ce­lo­na, whe­re ab­so­lu­tely not­hing was able to pre­clu­de our par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on as me­dia part­ners, in this dre­am so long nur­tu­red by Jo­a­quín Di­ez Cas­cón; whi­le our ma­ga­zi­nes tra­ve­led from hand to hand among ar­tists and ga­lle­rists from mo­re than 20 coun­tri­es.

We we­re co­ming from sup­por­ting the 25th Es­tam­pa Ma­drid, whe­re “mo­re ga­lle­ri­es, mo­re collec­tors, mo­re pu­blic, mo­re sa­les, and so­me ever mo­re in­teres­ting pro­po­sals” is the best out­co­me high­ligh­ted by his di­rec­tor Jo­sé María de Fran­cis­co: “the suc­cess of this fair is a sign that the art market in Spain is re­ac­ti­va­ting and I be­li­e­ve we are re­ac­hing the go­al of ex­ten­ding the so­ci­al ba­se of art collec­ti­on.” Con­gra­tu­la­ti­ons!

I am al­so gre­atly ple­a­sed by the let­ter I am re­cei­ving from the “sun co­ast” sent by Ale­jan­dro Za­ia, di­rec­tor of the suc­cess­ful ART MARBELLA Fair, in which he ap­pre­ci­a­tes the com­pany of + Arte por Ex­ce­len­ci­as. Za­ia in­vi­tes us to re­main by his si­de, be­cau­se “this is the be­gin­ning of so­met­hing big­ger,” af­ter re­gis­te­ring mo­re than 12,000 at­ten­dants, about two hun­dred collec­tors of con­tem­po­rary art and ob­tai­ning an en­cou­ra­ging in­te­gral re­sult of the event, which has ba­rely four ye­ars of exis­ten­ce.

The­re­fo­re, it do­es not mat­ter much. The fact is that in ARCO Ma­drid they se­em to ha­ve de­ci­ded that art ma­ga­zi­nes do not match their height, to be va­lu­ed as part of the of­fi­ci­al me­dia; even when they ha­ve pro­po­sed a no­ti­on such as “the fu­tu­re” as the core the­me for 2018, ins­te­ad of the guest country. They ha­ve con­cep­tu­a­li­zed: “it will be a vi­si­on of the com­ple­xity stan­ding in our way…” No way they ha­ve to make has­te!

For su­re, we will see so­on at Art Ba­sel Mi­a­mi Be­ach, whe­re we are al­re­ady ac­cre­di­ted and with our ma­ga­zi­ne on­ce again in our func­ti­o­nal and fri­endly pu­blis­hing stand, whe­re I en­joy gre­e­ting fri­ends and ac­quain­tan­ces. It is just you ha­ve to we­ar Wings like a hy­brid and tigh­ten your Ar­co­que, as a mins­trel from the Big Is­land of the Ca­rib­be­an says, /ti­me is on the si­de of the small/

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