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Sum­mo­ned by the Con­se­jo Na­ci­o­nal de las Ar­tes Es­cé­ni­cas (Na­ti­o­nal Coun­cil of the Per­for­ming Arts) of the Mi­nistry of Cul­tu­re of the Re­pu­blic of Cuba, we will so­on ce­le­bra­te the XVII edi­ti­on of the Ha­va­na The­a­ter Festival. Between Oc­to­ber 20 and 29, and gui­ded by Mar­ti’s thought "in the­a­ter, as in everyt­hing, we can cre­a­te in Cuba," the event is ra­ti­fi­ed as an en­cla­ve for the artistic exc­han­ge to and from our is­land.

As an al­re­ady es­ta­blis­hed tra­di­ti­on, sin­ce its inau­gu­ral da­te in 1980, the Ha­va­na The­a­ter Festival (FTH) wel­co­mes, as a gi­gan­tic sta­ge, the con­flu­en­ces and pro­po­sals of dif­fe­rent artistic lan­gua­ges and va­ri­ed po­e­tics that make up the in­ter­na­ti­o­nal cur­rent of per­for­ming arts.

«The­a­ter-so­ci­ety-re­sis­tan­ce» is to­day a con­di­ti­on of ac­ti­on and mo­bi­li­za­ti­on of fo­cus. The­re is an in­ter­na­ti­o­nal se­lec­ti­on of pro­po­sals that, beyond its po­e­tics, ten­den­ci­es, con­texts and li­mi­ta­ti­ons, in­sists on the in­trin­sic per­ti­nen­ce that im­pli­es to do the­a­ter with the ri­gor of art­ful­ness. The in­vi­ted na­ti­o­nal se­lec­ti­on is the re­sult of the most dis­tinc­ti­ve and rewar­ding work of the Cu­ban the­a­ter ar­tists for the last two ye­ars, du­ring which ti­me, the chan­ging world of to­day has be­en ap­pro­ac­hed from the most dis­si­mi­lar lan­gua­ges,

Un­der the cu­ra­to­ri­al and artistic di­rec­ti­on of the­a­tro­lo­gist Omar Valiño, the or­ga­ni­zers of the Festival wel­co­me the colle­a­gues from Cuba and ot­her parts of the world. The Cu­ban au­di­en­ce, trai­ned and edu­ca­ted through the tra­di­ti­on and ac­hi­e­ve­ments of our sce­ne, is an ac­ti­ve co-star of the artistic and aca­de­mic pro­gram of the event.

Ha­va­na is al­re­ady ex­pec­ting them to mul­tiply that ima­gery of the world sei­zing on the power­ful cons­truc­ti­ons of ide­as, ac­ti­ons and emo­ti­ons on their sta­ges.

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