Arte por Excelencias - - Sumario -

Ar­te por Excelencias has re­ac­hed ni­ne ye­ars of exis­ten­ce, now as a mul­ti­cul­tu­ral pu­bli­ca­ti­on of the Ame­ri­cas and the Ca­rib­be­an, born in the he­at of the Bi­en­ni­al of Ha­va­na in 2009.

And we are ce­le­bra­ting it with many events: our ma­ga­zi­ne is on­ce again pre­sent at Art Ba­sel-mi­a­mi Fair Be­ach, and we are VIP guests of Art Mi­a­mi, al­most at the sa­me ti­me that in Cuba the Feria Internacional de Ar­te­sa­nía, (FIART) (In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Fair of Crafts­mans­hip,) and the Fes­ti­val del Nu­e­vo Ci­ne La­ti­no­a­me­ri­ca­no (Fes­ti­val of New La­tin Ame­ri­can Ci­ne­ma) are being held, and whe­re we will be pre­sen­ting our 36th is­sue with our co­lla­bo­ra­tors from ele­ven coun­tri­es, and a be­au­ti­ful and func­ti­o­nal di­gi­tal plat­form:­te­po­rex­ce­len­ci­

This ye­ar, 2017, which is co­ming to an end, we ha­ve be­en me­dia part­ners in the suc­ces­ses of the 25th Es­tam­pa Ma­drid fair and the Tenth Swab Bar­ce­lo­na Fair. But al­so the Ar­te por Excelencias stand was very busy in Co­lom­bia for Artbo, and in Me­xi­co City for Zo­na Ma­co, whi­le we al­so ope­ned the exc­han­ge in Bu­e­nos Ai­res with Art BA, and with the fair in Chile, among many ot­her fairs and events on the con­ti­nent.

We ha­ve built a fra­ter­nal and gi­gan­tic bridge for Ibe­ri­a­a­me­ri­ca, al­so be­cau­se of our con­ti­nu­ed pre­sen­ce in the Fes­ti­val del Fu­e­go (the Fi­re Fest) in Santiago de Cuba, in the new ea­ger­ness of Gi­ba­ra´s In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Fes­ti­val of Ci­ne­ma and the Fes­ti­val of Ibe­ria-ame­ri­can Cul­tu­re, and in the coin­ci­den­ce of the 24th Ro­me­rí­as de Mayo with the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Fair of Tou­rism of Cuba in Hol­guín. Be­cau­se we be­li­e­ve in the sy­nergy of fes­ti­vals, events and con­gres­ses with the de­ve­lop­ment of tou­rism, we ac­cept as an ho­nor the de­fe­ren­ce of in­vi­ting us to Ha­va­na´s In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Bo­ok Fair, to pre­sent the pas­si­on of our ma­ga­zi­nes.

And we ha­ve grown everyw­he­re, always sup­por­ting pro­jects that we be­li­e­ve in­dis­pen­sa­ble, like the first edi­ti­on of the Urvanity-art Fair, in the Spa­nish ca­pi­tal, or the pri­zes of the Jo­jazz Con­test in Ha­va­na. We we­re pre­sent everyw­he­re: at the ICAIC Youth Show, at the "Dan­ce in Cuba" In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Me­e­ting of Ca­si­no Aca­de­mi­es, and in the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Cir­cus Fes­ti­val of the Ame­ri­cas (CIRCUBA): our award for Ha­va­na Com­pany has pre­ce­ded the de­but of its for­mi­da­ble show in Ro­me, in the big top that to­day stands out on Via Cris­tó­fo­rus Co­lum­bus with the Cu­ban flag.

So…ab­so­lu­tely, we ha­ve to ce­le­bra­te with a re­al to­ast! We will all see on the Ca­lle­jón de los Bar­be­ros of Old Ha­va­na, right next to the mo­nu­ment of a hu­ge scis­sors, whe­re you find do­zens of small stu­di­os and do­zens of ar­tists. The­re, a bar­ten­der with a hu­ge smi­le will ser­ve you the re­fres­hing drink with the aid of a a cle­an ho­se, a po­pu­lar in­ven­ti­on, so that the fo­am is less and the joy and com­mit­ment of mu­tu­al com­mit­ment is mo­re.

And let's rai­se, the­re­fo­re, our glass of be­er for the ten ye­ars of Ar­te por Excelencias in the 20th an­ni­ver­sary of the Gru­po Excelencias, and for the 500 ye­ars of Ha­va­na and Old Pa­na­ma too, which we will pro­mo­te in our mo­re than thirty me­dia en­ti­ti­es, as we did with the half mi­llen­ni­um of Santiago de Cuba - be­cau­se the­se are cha­llen­ges that pro­vi­de an op­por­tu­nity to dis­cuss the co­e­xis­ten­ce, in Ibe­ria-ame­ri­ca and the Ca­rib­be­an, of the for­ce of our tra­di­ti­on and con­tem­po­ra­neity.


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