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«From the 1st April, we're or­ga­ni­zing a plan of ac­ti­vi­ti­es that will last un­til 2019 to ce­le­bra­te the 30th An­ni­ver­sary of our com­pany: Artex, Ar­tis­tic and Li­te­rary Pro­duc­ti­ons which has se­ve­ral ob­jec­ti­ves, such as in­cre­a­se the ex­por­ta­ti­ons by cre­a­ting and con­so­li­da­ting dis­tri­bu­ti­on chan­nels and in­tro­du­cing new pro­ducts, de­pen­ding on the market's new ten­den­ci­es. The ser­vi­ces ex­por­ta­ti­on de­fi­ni­tely stands out, abo­ve all the tech­ni­cal as­sis­tan­ce and con­trac­ting of bru­te for­ce to abro­ad, al­so the mu­si­cal group per­for­man­ces in the prin­ci­pal in­ter­na­ti­o­nal cir­cuits of fes­ti­vals and events of mu­sic, both in Eu­ro­pe and La­tin Ame­ri­ca. Our le­a­der pro­duct: Arte en Ca­sa, a pro­ject that's tur­ning fif­te­en years, which it's de­di­ca­ted not only to the na­ti­o­nal market and the in­ter­na­ti­o­nal tou­rism that co­mes to vi­sit, who buys use­ful ob­jects with works of art of Cuban ar­tists of the Plas­tic Arts as a sou­ve­nir, but al­so to ot­her La­ti­na­me­ri­can markets, such as Mé­xi­co, whe­re we're mo­ti­va­ting the in­tro­duc­ti­on of the­se pi­e­ces of art, through PRELASA, La­ti­na­me­ri­can Pre­sen­ce S.A. As prin­ci­pal gi­ver of fo­reign cur­ren­ci­es in the Mi­nistry of Cul­tu­re of Cu­ba (MINCULT), we're res­pon­si­ble of in­cre­a­sing the ex­por­ta­ti­ons to self­fi­nan­cing of pro­grams of cul­tu­ral de­ve­lop­ment of our country, which in­clu­de aca­de­mic for­ma­ti­on of Art ins­truc­tors, stu­dents from ele­men­tal ar­tis­tic edu­ca­ti­on sc­ho­ols, me­di­um and su­pe­ri­or, and the buy of the studying ma­te­ri­al ba­se abro­ad. To im­pro­ve the or­ga­ni­za­ti­on qua­lity, se­cu­rity and pro­tec­ti­on of the Artex's ins­ti­tu­ti­ons is anot­her of our pur­po­ses, which prai­ses our cor­po­ra­te ima­ge. The ex­ce­llent re­sults that our com­pany has ac­hi­e­ved, its in­di­ca­tors of ef­fi­ci­ency and qua­lity of its pro­ducts and ser­vi­ces, ha­ve be­en pos­si­ble thanks to the ef­fort of its workers and ma­na­ging com­mit­tee but, abo­ve all, to the be­lon­ging and com­pro­mi­sing fe­e­ling to the MINCULT'S in­dustry di­rec­ti­on, who has gi­ven this mis­si­on to Artex, cre­a­tor of brid­ges betwe­en na­ti­ons that only cul­tu­re can re­ach. »

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