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Gi­ral­do Pi­lo­to Bar­re­to, pre­si­dent of the Fi­es­ta del Tam­bor Fes­ti­val, from a fa­mily of fa­mous Cuban mu­si­ci­ans, stu­di­ed and gra­du­a­ted in 1980 from the Na­ti­o­nal Arts Sc­ho­ol of Cu­ba. His first job was in the Or­ques­ta del Ca­ba­ret Tro­pi­ca­na; he's foun­der of the group NG La ban­da of Jo­sé Luis Cor­tés (El Tos­co), and he was al­so the di­rec­tor of the Or­ques­ta de Isacc Del­ga­do, when in 1995, he de­ci­des to cre­a­te his own group ca­lled Kli­max, which en­ric­hes the po­pu­lar dan­ce mu­sic and the La­tin jazz. «We're very con­nec­ted to the Fi­es­ta del Tam­bor Fes­ti­val Gui­ller­mo Bar­re­to in Me­mo­ri­am, which ap­pe­ars in the ye­ar 2000, from a pro­po­sal by the Cuban Mi­nistry of Cul­tu­re to pay ho­ma­ge to my un­cle. We join ot­her ins­ti­tu­ti­ons to the fes­ti­val, their ser­vi­ces spre­ad all over the event, which be­co­mes a mul­ti­cul­tu­ral ex­pe­ri­en­ce thanks to the par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on of dan­ce com­pa­ni­es, po­pu­lar dan­ce mu­sic orc­hes­tras, tra­di­ti­o­nal groups, jazz clubs, pro­fes­si­o­nal Cuban and fo­reign mu­si­ci­ans, ar­tists of the Plas­tic Arts,…». «In this 17th Edi­ti­on of the Fi­es­ta del Tam­bor Fes­ti­val, this oc­ca­si­on in ho­nour to Bra­zil, we'll count on Bra­zi­li­an ar­tists such as João Do­na­to de Oli­vei­ra Ne­to, one of the most im­por­tant pi­a­nists of the Bra­zi­li­an mu­sic, the per­cus­si­o­nist Nanny As­sis; the fa­mous sin­ger Fa­bi­a­na Coz­za, and the fe­mi­ni­ne group Ba­que Mul­her RJ, which calls out the Afri­can ori­gins in La­tin Ame­ri­ca». «We're al­so ha­ving im­por­tant guests as the sin­ger Ja­nis Si­e­gel, no­mi­nee se­ven­te­en ti­mes and win­ner of ten Grammy Awards as mem­ber of Man­hat­tan Trans­fer; the gre­at Me­xi­can drum­mer An­to­nio Sánc­hez; the Ca­na­di­an per­cus­si­o­nist Al­do Maz­za, who will re­pre­sent the KOSA com­pany and the outs­tan­ding Ame­ri­can per­cus­si­o­nist, Ar­nie Lang, who will gi­ve a spe­ci­al class to young ta­lents in the Su­pe­ri­or Arts Ins­ti­tu­te of Cu­ba on the 5th March, whe­re we'll ha­ve a wel­co­me party to the par­ti­ci­pants, which will show the pro­gram from the 6th to the 11th March; the­re will take pla­ce three com­pe­ti­ti­ons ope­ned to everyo­ne from everyw­he­re: per­cus­si­on, ca­si­no dan­ce and rum­ba». «Fi­nally, the fes­ti­val will take pla­ce on se­ve­ral se­ats such as the Hou­se of Cul­tu­re of Pla­za, the Me­lla The­a­ter, the Ave­nue Hall, El Sa­lón Ro­sa­do of Tro­pi­cal, the Gar­dens of the Me­lla The­a­ter, and so many ot­hers, whe­re pe­o­ple will be able to en­joy con­certs of the most sig­ni­fi­cant Cuban groups of the po­pu­lar dan­ce mu­sic, for ins­tan­ce, Ale­xan­der Abreu y Ha­ba­na De Pri­me­ra, Ma­no­li­to Si­mo­net y su tra­bu­co, Los Van Van, Isacc Del­ga­do y su gru­po, Pupy y los que son son, Kli­max group, and from rum­ba, Los Muñe­qui­tos de Ma­tan­zas, Co­lum­bia del Pu­er­to, Yo­ru­ba An­da­bo, Tim­ba­laye, etc.».

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