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The thirty-third edi­ti­on of the Jazz Pla­za In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Fes­ti­val, held betwe­en Ja­nu­ary 16 and 21, 2018 and sha­red by the ci­ti­es of Ha­va­na and San­ti­a­go de Cu­ba as hosts, can be des­cri­bed as ex­ce­llent. In Cu­ba, beyond the ob­jec­ti­ve and sub­jec­ti­ve pro­blems that ha­ve im­pe­ded the flou­ris­hing of an ef­fi­ci­ent mu­sic in­dustry, we ha­ve the pri­vi­le­ge of cre­a­ting and con­su­ming high-end jazz, in which it is worth no­ting that the dif­fe­rent edi­ti­ons of the Jazz Pla­za sin­ce 1980 ha­ve con­tri­bu­ted to the pro­mo­ti­on and de­fen­se of the said gen­re as the first gre­at so­no­rous lan­gua­ge of the twen­ti­eth cen­tury, to the point that to­day this gen­re, among tho­se in­ter­pre­ted by Cu­bans li­ving in the country or re­si­ding in the di­as­po­ra, is the one that en­joys the gre­a­test re­cog­ni­ti­on in dif­fe­rent cor­ners of the world. It se­ems to me an ac­hi­e­ve­ment that mo­re and mo­re jazz players, who at a gi­ven mo­ment de­ci­ded to le­a­ve Cu­ba to pur­sue ot­her ho­ri­zons in their ca­re­ers, take part in the fes­ti­val. They are the pro­ta­go­nists of an emer­ging so­no­rity in Cu­ba's ar­tis­tic mi­li­eu and its di­as­po­ra. The cre­a­ti­o­nal mo­ti­va­ti­on, the foun­da­ti­on and de­ve­lop­ment of the ar­tis­tic pro­po­sal is not the ex­clu­si­on of the ot­her by eit­her of the two par­ti­es. The na­tu­ral right of a nor­mal and fluid com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on of Cuban cul­tu­re with our ar­tists li­ving abro­ad be­co­mes a re­a­lity. A se­cond as­pect I want to draw at­ten­ti­on to is the par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on of so many outs­tan­ding fo­reign per­so­na­li­ti­es who vi­si­ted us to par­ti­ci­pa­te in the thirty-third edi­ti­on of the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Jazz Pla­za fes­ti­val, gi­ven the enor­mous pres­ti­ge that it has ear­ned in the in­ter­na­ti­o­nal jazz uni­ver­se. Jazz Pla­za 2018 be­ca­me a be­au­ti­ful and aut­hen­tic cul­tu­ral mix betwe­en Cuban and fo­reign ar­tists, in or­der to di­a­lo­gue the com­mon and uni­ver­sal lan­gua­ge of mu­sic, which works as a pri­vi­le­ged point of con­ver­gen­ce among hu­man beings, re­gard­less of our po­li­ti­cal, ide­o­lo­gi­cal, cul­tu­ral, eco­no­mic, re­li­gi­ous or ra­ci­al dif­fe­ren­ces, or the spot of the pla­net in which we ha­ve de­ci­ded to li­ve at.

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