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For al­most a cen­tury, mu­si­ci­ans from Cu­ba and Pu­er­to Rico ha­ve sat on the sa­me stands, sha­red their songs, their mu­sic and the ple­a­su­re of li­ving. The men and wo­men who li­ve in their neigh­bor­ho­ods ha­ve in com­mon the ea­se at go­od mu­sic, which can be ca­lled ple­na, bom­ba, son, or simply rum­ba and sal­sa, sal­sa and rum­ba: per­cus­sed sounds and hi­des, gui­tars na­med tres or cu­a­tro, voi­ces of all ti­mes that to­day are reu­ni­ted. In Bo­rin­quén, Isi­dro In­fan­te de­vo­ted him­self to make the ar­ran­ge­ments, se­lect the re­per­toi­re and sum­mon the ne­ces­sary mu­si­ci­ans. In Ha­va­na, Jo­sé Ma­nu­el Gar­cía had a per­fect cle­ar idea about the ap­pro­pri­a­te voi­ces to com­ple­ment the work. That is how one of the most in­teres­ting al­bums that ha­ve be­en produced in re­cent years was born and that in­vol­ves mu­si­ci­ans from the­se two na­ti­ons. Bis Mu­sic, apart from being Jo­sé Ma­nu­el´s he­ad­quar­ters, knows as a re­cord la­bel that the "Rus­si­an rou­let­te" ef­fect of the mu­sic world can knock on any do­or to­day. That act of bra­very de­ser­ves a re­cord like this. Cu­ba and Pu­er­to Rico: a Sal­sa mu­si­cal em­bra­ce re­con­nects the mu­si­cal gen­re that has iden­ti­fi­ed the ur­ban Ca­rib­be­an for half a cen­tury with two of its fun­da­men­tal sour­ces, and opens pers­pec­ti­ves for new pro­duc­ti­ons in which the in­ter­re­la­ti­ons and mu­tu­al in­flu­en­ces clo­se a mu­si­cal cy­cle that was on­ce in­ter­rup­ted by cau­ses beyond the mu­si­ci­ans of the­se coun­tri­es and ot­hers of the Ca­rib­be­an. It is a tri­bu­te - a ge­nui­ne act of cul­tu­ral faith - to tho­se who foun­ded a tra­di­ti­on that do­es not stop in ti­me, that sur­vi­ves the va­ga­ri­es of the­se ti­mes. It is a hard mu­sic al­bum, which "sounds big ti­me" from the first to the last no­te, whe­re men and wo­men im­prin­ted their souls, voi­ces and fe­e­lings as if our mu­si­cal fu­tu­re de­pen­ded on it. An al­bum like this, in ti­mes of mu­si­cal and cre­a­ti­ve junk, com­mits it­self una­bas­hedly to tho­se who know that trans­cen­den­ce li­es in every­day li­fe. Go­od tas­te still stands in the­se two is­lands. The­se men, who em­bra­ce each ot­her, mu­sic in betwe­en like the two me­an­ders that the Gulf Stre­am out­li­nes when cros­sing the­se is­lands, know that.

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