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The spi­rit of Ra­quel Re­vu­el­ta has re­mai­ned among its walls ever sin­ce, on Fe­bru­ary 28, 2003, this hall was inau­gu­ra­ted with the ver­si­on of Tar­tu­fo by Te­a­tro Es­tu­dio, com­po­sed by an outs­tan­ding cast, with ac­tors and ac­tres­ses such as Ali­na Ro­drí­guez, Ma­rio, Aguir­re, Os­val­do Doi­me­a­di­ós and Re­ne­ci­to de la Cruz. To­day, the “Adolfo Llauradó” hall do­es its own na­me jus­ti­ce: that of that gre­at ac­tor who marked the Cuban the­a­ter with a par­ti­cu­lar hall­mark. On that day of Fe­bru­ary, the Pre­mio Na­ci­o­nal de Te­a­tro (Na­ti­o­nal The­a­ter Award) was bes­towed on Ra­quel and Vi­cen­te Re­vu­el­ta. Both worked in that hall for long se­a­sons. Tar­tu­fo, for exam­ple, ran the­re for mo­re than five months. Ju­an Car­los Núñez, its cur­rent di­rec­tor, has be­en linked to the hall sin­ce 2004 and he­ads a uni­que tech­ni­cal te­am, which he has trai­ned and edu­ca­ted to be­co­me one of the most com­pe­ti­ti­ve staff of the Cuban per­for­ming arts. Its sta­ge is a re­gu­lar spa­ce for em­ble­ma­tic groups of the country: Te­a­tro de la Lu­na, Pál­pi­to, El Pú­bli­co, Me­fis­to Te­a­tro, Te­a­tro de las Es­ta­ci­o­nes, Vi­var­ta Te­a­tro, un­til com­ple­ting an ex­ten­si­ve list. It has al­so be­en in­clu­ded per­ma­nently in the pro­gram of the Fes­ti­val de Te­a­tro de La Ha­ba­na, Mayo Te­a­tral, Bi­e­nal de Dan­za del Ca­ri­be, among ot­her im­por­tant cul­tu­ral events in our country.

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