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If so­met­hing can fill an ac­tress with pri­de is being con­si­de­red an in­te­gral, “cha­me­le­on­like” ar­tist and ver­sa­ti­le enough to swing betwe­en one dis­ci­pli­ne and anot­her. Ac­tress Paula Ali wants to be re­mem­be­red as "a per­son that pe­o­ple lo­ved, be­cau­se she made them fe­el go­od at a cer­tain mo­ment, not­hing el­se". Per­haps this con­fes­si­on that she made to a colle­a­gue re­cently has gui­ded her pro­fes­si­on, who­se re­marka­ble ca­re­er has led her to act in all pos­si­ble per­for­ming me­dia. Gre­at di­rec­tors ha­ve be­en pre­sent in her rich ca­re­er, from Bert­ha Mar­tí­nez, Héc­tor Quin­te­ro, Vi­cen­te Re­vu­el­ta, Abe­lar­do Es­to­ri­no, Ro­ber­to Blan­co, Car­los Dí­az, to the ma­jes­tic Ar­man­do Suá­rez del Vi­llar. From the ver­na­cu­lar the­a­ter she went to Te­a­tro Es­tu­dio and ack­now­led­ges the gre­at trai­ning pro­vi­ded by gre­at ac­tres­ses such as Can­di­ta Quin­ta­na, Ali­cia Rico, Isa­bel Moreno, Ana Viñas and Mi­ri­am Le­ar­ra. She has fo­llowed the Sta­ni­lavski met­hod be­cau­se she con­si­ders it per­fect, but she re­sorts to her in­ti­ma­te self to build her cha­rac­ters and make them mo­re cre­di­ble. Many spe­ci­a­lists re­cog­ni­ze her sym­pathy, in­tui­ti­on, spon­ta­neity, mas­tery in tran­si­ti­ons and her pro­fi­ci­ency in all per­for­ming me­dia. Her cha­ris­ma has led her to work in ci­ne­ma with Tomás Gu­ti­ér­rez Alea (Ti­tón), Ju­an Car­los Ta­bío, Or­lan­do Ro­jas, Da­ni­el Dí­az Tor­res, Hum­ber­to Solás and Ge­rar­do Chi­jo­na, just to men­ti­on a few.

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