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It is one of the cul­tu­ral ins­ti­tu­ti­ons of Baya­mo, in the Gran­ma pro­vin­ce, which of­fers the gre­a­test pri­de to tho­se born in our re­gi­on, the only one of its kind in the country.

The Wax Mu­se­um is an ins­ti­tu­ti­on whe­re, in the art of wax, a new and won­der­ful world has be­en cre­a­ted ba­sed on the mo­de­ling of hu­man fi­gu­res and ani­mals. In­si­de, the ex­pe­ri­en­ce of ad­mi­ring per­so­na­li­ti­es of ta­len­ted per­for­man­ce is simply sen­sa­ti­o­nal and ad­mi­ra­ble.

I re­mem­ber when it was foun­ded. It emer­ged as everything el­se: from sim­pli­city and a few men´s dream. A fa­mily of em­pi­ri­cal cre­a­tors, out of their ad­mi­ra­ti­on for the sin­ger Po­lo Mon­tañés, ela­bo­ra­ted his fi­gu­re in wax, and with this mo­ti­va­ti­on a spa­ce was cre­a­ted whe­re not only they showed hu­man fi­gu­res, but al­so of ani­mals, in an ar­tis­tic cons­truc­ti­on that was, at the sa­me ti­me, the imi­ta­ti­on of the na­tu­ral en­vi­ron­ment.

The Bar­ri­os fa­mily has do­ne what they wan­ted to do to turn the vi­su­al me­mory of ta­len­ted men in­to las­ting art, after their de­ath.

The ins­ti­tu­ti­on is the most vi­si­ted in the cul­tu­ral world of Gran­ma pro­vin­ce and the one that pro­vi­des the most re­ve­nu­es in our sec­tor. Un­doub­tedly, it is such a uni­que pla­ce that it is uns­pe­aka­ble. It is uni­que. Worthy of being showed as an ins­tan­ce of hu­man gre­at­ness, not only in the re­a­li­za­ti­on of dre­ams and ar­tis­tic ta­lent, but al­so be­cau­se of that work te­am that, with a dif­fe­rent sen­si­bi­lity, has fi­lled it with lo­ve through a cul­tu­ral pro­gram that has en­dowed the ins­ti­tu­ti­on with a uni­que di­men­si­on.

It's mi­ne, yours, and ours: the Wax Mu­se­um of Baya­mo, the only one of its kind in Cu­ba, be­longs to all lo­vers of art and the triumph of ta­lent and de­di­ca­ti­on over lei­su­re and la­zi­ness. The­re it is, in the fourth sec­ti­on of the Pa­seo Baya­més, with its mag­ni­fi­cen­ce of a uni­que cul­tu­ral ins­ti­tu­ti­on. It al­most se­ems to ha­ve be­en res­cu­ed from the gre­at im­pe­ri­al an­ti­quity of humanity to be shown in our con­tem­po­ra­neity as an uns­pe­aka­ble triumph, in one of the se­clu­ded pla­ces of eas­tern Cu­ba.

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