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Alexis Triana

Al­most at the sa­me ti­me that we bes­towed, in Ma­drid, the Des­ti­no Más Se­gu­ro (Sa­fest Des­ti­na­ti­on) Ex­ce­len­ci­as Award to Cu­ba as part of the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Tou­rism Fair (FITUR) in Spain, Ha­va­na throb­bed with the exc­han­ge among the do­zens of gre­at Cuban, North Ame­ri­can and world mu­si­ci­ans who par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the fest that was the 33rd edi­ti­on of the Jazz Pla­za In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Fes­ti­val.

We did not know yet by then -du­ring the FITUR din­ner, of­fe­red by Cu­ba´s Mi­nistry of Tou­rism, and in which the Gru­po Ex­ce­len­ci­as was pu­blicly thanked for its 20 years pro­mo­ting the Big Is­land- what had hap­pe­ned the night be­fo­re to fa­mous De De Roswil­de at the Te­a­tro Na­ci­o­nal, after the ap­plau­ded con­cert by the gre­at Chuc­ho Val­dés at the Jazz Pla­za.

She clim­bed ex­ci­tedly to the sta­ge and left be­hind, at the front stalls, a wa­llet with her per­so­nal iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on and se­ve­ral hundred do­llars in cash, which is re­qui­red by the cur­rent me­a­su­res de­man­ded by the US go­vern­ment on tra­ve­lers going to Cu­ba from the Uni­ted Sta­tes. To her sur­pri­se, after re­a­li­zing and re­por­ting the loss to se­cu­rity em­ploye­es, they re­tur­ned their be­lon­gings in­tact in­si­de a se­a­led plas­tic bag, thanks to a cou­ple of spec­ta­tors, pas­sing tou­rists, who re­tur­ned it to the ho­tel.

She her­self told the press al­most with te­ars in her eyes, with the sa­me gra­ti­tu­de and tran­qui­lity that Joe Lo­ba­no, known as the God­fat­her of Jazz, showed du­ring the in­ter­vi­ew with our edi­tors at the El Ate­li­er res­tau­rant. Or the be­au­ti­ful eve­ning per­for­man­ce of re­now­ned Victor Goi­nes at the Fi­ne Arts Mu­se­um with the young pe­o­ple of "Ai­res de Con­ci­er­to". Or the he­a­vily at­ten­ded jam ses­si­ons of Pu­er­to Ri­cans and Ame­ri­cans of "Oc­ho y Más" at the Fá­bri­ca de Arte Con­tem­porá­neo (FAC). Or Ted Nash´s fra­ter­nal mas­ter class at the Uni­ver­si­dad de las Ar­tes...

And the re­a­son is that in Cu­ba mu­sic is on the stre­ets. Guy An­der­sen, CEO of SONY ATV, said so be­fo­re going to the air­port. To the ques­ti­on of whet­her he had be­en able to sleep peacefully, after signing the trans­cen­dent con­tract with EGREM to pro­mo­te Cuban mu­sic in the world, he ex­plai­ned that he had be­en impacted by the vi­sit to the na­ti­o­nal art sc­ho­ol, when he saw young pe­o­ple le­ar­ning in com­mu­nity, and sha­ring the ins­tru­ments, without dif­fe­ren­ces of any kind. "That's why they ha­ve such go­od ar­tists, and their mu­sic is so rich and di­ver­se. It de­ser­ves to be pro­mo­ted to new au­di­en­ces and plat­forms, be­cau­se it is de­man­ded all over the world".

For this re­a­son, the de­ci­si­on of the Ken­nedy Cen­ter to con­ve­ne the Fes­ti­val “Ar­tes de Cu­ba” in Was­hing­ton du­ring the months of May and Ju­ne is worthy of ap­plau­se, which will be at­ten­ded by ar­tists who eit­her li­ve on the Is­land or abro­ad. Bill­bo­ard Ma­ga­zi­ne ec­ho­ed just a few days ago of this gre­at event that is being pre­pa­red in the North Ame­ri­can ca­pi­tal.

It is what the gre­at jazz fi­gu­res af­fir­med in the lobby, as well as in the main con­fe­ren­ce ta­ble of the Ho­tel Na­ci­o­nal: "Mu­sic will do what our country's po­li­tics do­es not: we are buil­ding a brid­ge, we are am­bas­sa­dors here..."art and cul­tu­re are the best mor­tar of this im­men­se brid­ge.

Just be­cau­se of this, and in our capa­city as am­bas­sa­dor of the Iberia-ame­ri­can Aca­demy of Gas­tro­nomy, we en­cou­ra­ged the signing of the agre­e­ment betwe­en Ra­fa­el An­són, its pre­si­dent, and Ma­nu­el Marrero, Mi­nis­ter of Tou­rism, to pro­claim Ha­va­na as the Iberia-ame­ri­can Ca­pi­tal of Cock­tail to ar­gue that no one could, no mat­ter how much it was in­ten­ded, stop the re­ach of an aut­hen­tic rum or an ex­qui­si­te ci­gar, let alo­ne obs­truct Cuban mu­sic.

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