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My pi­llars are the yoruba re­li­gi­on, faith, mys­ti­cism, truth, kind­ness, swe­et­ness, an­guish, the land and li­fe.

I like switc­hing the me­di­um and, if it we­re pos­si­ble, may­be one day I'd like to paint over air and smoke. It is a way to make the best use of this spa­ce: li­fe.

I've be­en always in­teres­ted in pain­ting on the skin: it is not anyt­hing new. As it is known, skin was used for this pur­po­se in an­ci­ent cul­tu­res. I wan­ted to do this but in anot­her way: that my works and ima­gi­na­ti­on emer­ged from the body of a hu­man being. In ot­her words: to cre­a­te anot­her being. It is so­met­hing ep­he­me­ral but everyt­hing is so too…at the end, the­re re­mains only the me­mory, only if you can re­mem­ber. The skin is be­au­ti­ful. It has a most lo­vely tex­tu­re: it is li­fe. Not only in per­for­man­ce but even when I do drawing, I want the au­di­en­ce to un­ders­tand what I am saying, so I am talking. That is pain­ting: to say things and al­so fe­el and trans­mit them. I fe­el ex­ci­ted by the sim­ple ob­ser­ver, the one that do­esn't know about art but gets shud­de­red at it.

On the skin is so­met­hing el­se. You ne­ed to see the body; that is the one that ins­pi­res you and the fe­a­tu­res of that ana­tomy evoke images. May­be it is the very energy of the hu­man body that gui­des you in the pro­cess. Every body is one of a kind and all ha­ve a dif­fe­rent energy…and a dif­fe­rent strength. I cho­o­se the bo­di­es: not all ha­ve to be slen­der. So­me could be fat­ter, youn­ger or ol­der. The­re is be­auty everyw­he­re.

My res­pon­si­bi­lity is to do a go­od work, a de­cent one and worthy to my eyes and to the eyes of the pe­o­ple at ho­me and out­si­de. I don't fe­el it as a bur­den to ha­ve that res­pon­si­bi­lity. On the con­trary, it is a gre­at joy for me that everyo­ne knows that I am not in this world for not­hing. I am he­re be­cau­se I ha­ve things to say and do.

«To­dos los cu­er­pos son diferentes, y to­dos ti­e­nen una ener­gía di­fe­ren­te».

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