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At the Con­tem­po­rary Art Week in Ma­drid, du­ring Fe­bru­ary 21-25, a group of Cu­ban ga­lle­ri­es and cre­a­tors con­ti­nu­ed to make their way in­to the Spa­nish and Eu­ro­pe­an markets. Arte por Excelencias fo­llowed their tracks in the Spa­nish ca­pi­tal and was able to con­firm the go­od he­alth of the youn­ger ge­ne­ra­ti­ons of con­tem­po­rary ar­tists on the Ca­rib­be­an is­land.

In Art Ma­drid, one of Arco's co­lla­te­ral events, the star was Collage Habana. The ol­dest of the Cu­ban ga­lle­ri­es in this ty­pe of in­ter­na­ti­o­nal me­e­tings has par­ti­ci­pa­ted in twel­ve of its thir­te­en edi­ti­ons, and well-known na­mes like Ro­ber­to Fa­be­lo, Ma­nu­el Mendive or José Be­dia ha­ve be­en known he­re thanks to the work of this ins­ti­tu­ti­on, be­lon­ging to the Fon­do Cubano de Bi­e­nes Cul­tu­ra­les (FCBC).

The Collage Habana pro­po­sal was very well re­cei­ved by collec­tors, cri­tics, stu­dents of vi­su­al arts and art his­tory.

We talked with San­dra Gar­cía, one of the spe­ci­a­lists of the ga­llery, who told us that this ye­ar they are com­mit­ted to emer­ging ar­tists from the Post-it con­test: Andy Lla­nes, Roldán Lauzán and Da­ni­el Rodríguez Co­lla­zo.

«Collage dis­tin­guis­hes it­self by being very ele­gant and this ti­me it makes a pro­duc­ti­on again, de­vi­sed by the pro­ta­go­nists them­sel­ves, which avoids the ty­pi­cal cha­os of an art fair, even if that me­ans showing less ar­tists and works. We bring mostly pain­ting, but with a lot of emp­ha­sis on drawing. And alt­hough the three of them ha­ve dif­fe­rent sty­les, the­re is a tech­ni­cal skill in drawing that stands out in the con­text of young Cu­ban art».

Collage Habana sa­les at Art Ma­drid ex­ce­e­ded se­venty thou­sand eu­ros, but rat­her than the eco­no­mic re­sults, its di­rec­tors high­light the im­por­tan­ce of de­a­ling di­rectly with collec­tors and spe­ci­a­li­zed au­di­en­ces, as well as the pos­si­bi­lity of pro­mo­ting and po­si­ti­o­ning Cu­ban con­tem­po­rary art at an in­ter­na­ti­o­nal le­vel.

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