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The Academia Na­ci­o­nal de Be­llas Artes (Na­ti­o­nal Aca­demy of Fine Arts) of San Alejandro has just com­ple­ted, on Ja­nu­ary 12, its first two hun­dred ye­ars. This im­por­tant event was al­most un­no­ti­ced by many, ex­cept for the un­vei­ling of a pla­que. But for­mer te­ac­hers, stu­dents from the past and cur­rent ones ce­le­bra­ted the an­ni­ver­sary with lo­ve.

In the stu­dents re­gis­ter, first bo­ok (309), and with fi­le 167 an ins­crip­ti­on re­ads: D. José Mar­ti Pé­rez, born in Ha­va­na, 14 ye­ars old. He en­te­red the Ele­men­tary Drawing class on Sep­tem­ber 15, 1867. On Sep­tem­ber 22, 1922, with or­der num­ber 160, anot­her grand na­me: Pa­blo de la Tor­ri­en­te Brau, born in San Ju­an, Pu­er­to Ri­co, 20 ye­ars of age. Com­man­der Ca­mi­lo Ci­en­fu­e­gos al­so ap­pe­ars...many are the outs­tan­ding na­mes that ha­ve, at so­me point of ti­me, be­en in the­se class­ro­oms. It is ne­ces­sary to ac­hi­e­ve, on this bicentennial, that the San Alejandro Aca­demy is ack­now­led­ged, in its own right, as part of Cul­tu­ral He­ri­ta­ge of the Na­ti­on.

For de­ca­des, it has be­en the only ins­ti­tu­ti­on of its kind on the is­land, and its pres­ti­ge in­cre­a­sed both du­ring the Co­lony and the Re­pu­blic. A lar­ge num­ber of art per­so­na­li­ti­es we­re edu­ca­ted in their class­ro­oms: Jo­seph Le­clerc, Fe­de­ri­co Mi­ah­le, Le­o­pol­do Ro­mañach, Ar­man­do Me­no­cal, Esteban Val­der­ra­ma, En­ri­que Ca­ra­via, Flo­ren­cio Ge­la­bert, Car­me­lo Gonzá­lez...

In the class­ro­oms and works­hops of San Alejandro Aca­demy, top fi­gu­res of plas­tic arts ha­ve left their mark, but al­so of ot­her ma­ni­fes­ta­ti­ons of Cu­ban art, po­li­tics and so­ci­al li­fe, from Car­los Ba­liño and Fer­mín Val­dés Do­mín­guez, to Re­née Mén­dez Ca­po­te, Edu­ar­do Chi­vas, Fla­vio Gro­bart, Vi­cen­te Re­vu­el­ta, Abel Pri­e­to and Sil­vio Ro­dri­guez, among many ot­hers.

San Alejandro Na­ti­o­nal Aca­demy of Fine Arts main­tains its re­newing bre­ath. It is one of the ol­dest and most pres­ti­gi­ous ins­ti­tu­ti­ons in this he­misp­he­re. It has exis­ted for two hun­dred ye­ars and will exist for many mo­re. Its walls we­re built with the fe­e­lings and lo­ve of the men who ha­ve gui­ded it and left their in­flu­en­ce the­re. The­re can­not be a bet­ter foun­da­ti­on! The his­tory of Cu­ba and its cul­tu­re vi­bra­tes in San Alejandro.

Un au­la de la Academia San Alejandro en la pri­me­ra mi­tad del siglo xx.

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