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Ha­va­na is drawing clo­se to a his­to­ri­cal da­te. Qui­et and re­gal, ex­pec­tant and pa­ti­ent, the ga­la in­ves­ti­tu­re is an ex­cu­se to wel­co­me the up­co­ming ar­ri­val of the half mi­llen­ni­um.

The oc­ca­si­on se­ems to lend it­self to gre­at obei­san­ce. This ti­me the Ca­guayo sys­tem, from its Sociedad Anó­ni­ma, and in joint ac­cord with its wi­de com­mu­nity of ar­tists and cre­a­tors, ma­de re­ady to ful­fill the im­men­se task of res­cuing a patrimonial work, a who­le in­sig­nia of the Cu­ban dig­nity: El Capitolio.

The re­quest ca­me from the Ofi­ci­na del His­to­ri­a­dor de la Ciu­dad (Of­fi­ce of the His­to­ri­an of the City). The pe­o­ple in­vol­ved in res­to­ring, pro­du­cing and re­pro­du­cing all the fur­ni­tu­re of the north wing of the El Capitolio, an un­pre­ce­den­ted op­por­tu­nity, in­clu­ded desig­ners, ar­ti­sans, work­men, cons­truc­ti­on com­pa­ni­es and a wi­de ran­ge of per­son­nel.

The Es­tu­dio-ta­ller Deku­ba, the Rosa María de la Ter­ga sta­ging and res­to­ra­ti­on works­hop for stai­ned glass and lamps, the cre­a­ti­ve te­am of Ra­úl Po­lín and the Gru­po Res­tau­ra, among ot­hers, tur­ned the Capitol in­to their pro­vi­si­o­nal re­si­den­ce, to pay ho­ma­ge from the subt­lety of the ro­ots.

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