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You could re­ad this he­ad­li­ne in The Sun­day Ti­me, sig­ned by An­na Win­ter on Fe­bru­ary 25, 2017. We still had in mind the tour through dif­fe­rent sta­ges of Ger­many, Swit­zer­land and Mo­na­co in No­vem­ber and De­cem­ber of last ye­ar. We we­re in Ludwigs­burg, Ger­many, when the news of Fi­del's de­ath ar­ri­ved. We de­di­ca­ted the show of that night to his me­mory. Sad­ness sei­zed us, but we ca­me in­to our own on sta­ge and danced for Cu­ba. The Uni­ted King­dom tour be­gan on Fe­bru­ary 15 at the Royall Con­cert Hall in Not­ting­ham, with a tri­ple pro­gram - as is usu­al in the pre­sen­ta­ti­ons of Danza Contemporánea de Cu­ba - be­cau­se we always want to sha­re a bro­ad spec­trum of dan­ce with the pu­blic. The tour in­clu­ded ten ci­ti­es of the Uni­ted King­dom, in which we ex­plo­red their dif­fe­rent ge­o­grap­hi­es and par­ti­cu­lar idi­osyn­cra­si­es. We tou­red Lon­don, In­ver­nes, Wa­les and Manc­hes­ter, among ot­her ter­ri­to­ri­es. Al­most all of the co­lumns de­vo­ted to dan­ce cri­ti­que would award the pre­sen­ta­ti­ons of our com­pany four and fi­ve stars. Danza Contemporánea de Cu­ba is one of the most de­man­ded com­pa­ni­es of the world in the bro­ad spec­trum of per­for­ming arts in the Uni­ted King­dom. Ot­her in­ter­na­ti­o­nal en­ga­ge­ments brought the com­pany to the ope­ning ga­la of Dan­cein­ver­si­on 2017 In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Con­tem­po­rary Dan­ce Fes­ti­val, in Mos­cow. They we­re al­so in­vi­ted to clo­se the pro­gram of the highly-va­lu­ed Au­tumn Fes­ti­val, ba­sed in the New York City Center, and in No­vem­ber the com­pany re­tur­ned to the Na­ti­o­nal Au­di­to­ri­um of Me­xi­co to pre­sent Car­mi­na Bu­ra­na, cho­re­o­grap­hed by Ge­or­ge Cés­pe­des. It was a dre­am to pre­sent this ver­si­on in our country with the mi­se en sce­ne it has be­en con­cei­ved of. Now we are about to make it hap­pen. Danza Contemporánea de Cu­ba will be ac­com­pa­ni­ed by the Or­ques­ta Sin­fó­ni­ca Na­ci­o­nal (the Na­ti­o­nal Symp­ho­nic Orc­hes­tra,) the Co­ro Na­ci­o­nal (Na­ti­o­nal Choir) and the Co­ro In­fan­til de Cu­ba (Chil­dren's Choir of Cu­ba,) with ba­ri­to­ne, te­nor and so­pra­no in­clu­ded in the cast. It will be a ple­a­su­re, for all tho­se who work in this pro­duc­ti­on, to fe­el the ova­ti­on of Cubans at the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alon­so, as a spell to ke­ep sad­ness away for the up­co­ming ye­ar.

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