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As an in­dis­so­lu­ble part of the is­land's cul­tu­ral he­ri­ta­ge, films could not be ex­clu­ded from the "Arts in Cu­ba: from the Is­land to the World" fes­ti­val, which will shake the John F. Kennedy's fa­ci­li­ti­es for two we­eks star­ting May 8. With the cu­ra­tors­hip of Iván Gi­roud, the director of the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Fes­ti­val of the Fes­ti­val del Nu­e­vo Ci­ne Latinoamericano (New La­tin Ame­ri­can Ci­ne­ma,) among the fifty events sc­he­du­led, "Ha­va­na Film Fes­ti­val 40-Ye­ar Re­tros­pec­ti­ve" co­vers a to­tal of six tit­les. The ope­ning will be on Sa­tur­day 12 with the scre­e­ning of res­to­red co­pi­es of two clas­sics of Ibe­ri­an-ame­ri­can ci­ne­ma: “Me­mo­ri­as del sub­des­ar­ro­llo” (Re­co­llec­ti­ons from Un­der­de­ve­lop­ment) (1968), by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, and Lu­cía (1968), by Hum­ber­to Solás, which ce­le­bra­te their fif­ti­eth an­ni­ver­sary. Af­ter half a century of their exis­ten­ce, the re­le­a­se of both res­to­red co­pi­es was pos­si­ble thanks to the ini­ti­a­ti­ve of The World Film Foun­da­ti­on, in the la­bo­ra­tory L'im­ma­gi­ne Ri­tro­va­ta of the Ci­ne­te­ca in Bo­log­na to then start their new li­fe in in­ter­na­ti­o­nal com­pe­ti­ti­ons in the sec­ti­on «Can­nes Clas­sics.»

A set of four well-known films ex­hi­bi­ted in the forty-ye­ar his­tory of the Ha­va­na Fes­ti­val al­so make up the re­tros­pec­ti­ve. First, a new copy of Re­tra­to de Te­re­sa (1979), by Pas­tor Ve­ga, as a pre­am­ble to the pro­gram­ming of a dis­tin­guis­hed tri­logy with the hig­hest award of the con­test: Fre­sa y cho­co­la­te (1993), ma­de by Gutiérrez Alea and Ju­an Car­los Ta­bío, Sui­te Habana (2003), by Fer­nan­do Pé­rez and Con­duc­ta (2014), by Er­nes­to Da­ra­nas.

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