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Vir­gi­nia Wo­olf said that second-hand books are wild, ho­me­less books that ha­ve a charm of their own that the do­mes­ti­ca­ted vo­lu­mes of the li­brary do not. I won­der if what she me­ant by that is that the vi­si­tors of the old bo­oks­to­res pos­sess, in so­me sen­se, the stri­dent spi­rit of the un­do­mes­ti­ca­ted, of the sa­va­ge, of the mor­bid se­eking the word un­der­li­ned by the re­a­der that pre­ce­ded him, or of the one who plays find a bo­ok that was once his, as one who tempts fa­te and its ter­ri­ble de­vas­ta­ting mis­si­on.

Ne­ar the Fourth Bri­ga­de – a di­vi­si­on of the Co­lom­bi­an Na­ti­o­nal Army - in the city of Me­de­llín, the myth of Ae­ne­as re­so­na­tes to then es­cort be­hind the collec­ti­on of re­ad books that fif­te­en ye­ars ago ga­ve sha­pe to a res­cue, which still se­eks to res­cue us from te­di­um, sa­ve us from shipw­reck.

Whet­her it has or not a wild spi­rit, that may be be­hind the words with Luis Alberto, our Palinuro bo­ok­se­ller. The past, still pre­sent, has the capa­city to sa­tisfy the cu­ri­o­sity of the shy re­a­der, the proud re­a­der, the vo­ra­ci­ous re­a­der, the vir­gin re­a­der, the un­ta­ma­ble re­a­der.

It is Palinuro's re­ad books in the city of Me­de­llín. If the re­ad bo­ok and the bo­ok­se­ller sha­re its na­tu­re of in­do­mi­ta­ble spi­rit, the lo­ne­li­ness of the orp­han bo­ok, and if all this con­ver­ges so that the myth is up­da­ted and re­newed over ti­me, per­haps that me­ans that in the collec­ti­ve sen­se in which we are all one, you ha­ve an ap­point­ment in the city of Me­de­llín, with a man who, se­a­ted in his ge­ne­rous of­fi­ce, pi­lots the ship that will make us take a bre­ak for mo­ments from our own Tro­jan war, which is going on as this is being writ­ten, whi­le this is re­ad, and even when the bo­ok is not enough, alt­hough so­me­ti­mes it is everyt­hing.

So, as José Emi­lio Pac­he­co wro­te, in the bo­ok of illus­tri­ous vi­si­tors of Palinuro: "All ti­me me­ets in this bo­oks­hop."

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