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«I ne­ver thought to turn 85, much less com­ple­te 65 ye­ars of ar­tis­tic li­fe. At 20 I sto­od for the first ti­me on a sta­ge at Teatro Nu­es­tro Ti­em­po to per­form at the play El car­te­ro del rey, which me­ant the re­a­li­za­ti­on of a gre­at dre­am. The fo­llowing ye­ar I went up the stairs of CMQ TV for the first ti­me and I ha­ve not go­ne down the sa­me stairs yet, be­cau­se I'm still ac­ting.»

«It to­ok me a lot of work to make my way in the per­for­man­ce world. I star­ted making ex­tras on te­le­vi­si­on, but sin­ce I've always be­en very dis­ci­pli­ned and res­pect­ful, I to­ok the best from the gre­at ac­tors and fo­llowed their exam­ple. I re­mem­ber that the gre­at En­ri­que San­tis­te­ban, my men­tor in per­for­ming arts, ga­ve me so­me body postu­re ad­vi­ce that pro­vi­ded me self-as­su­ran­ce and strength when ac­ting; this was vi­tal in the in­ter­pre­ta­ti­on of the ne­ga­ti­ve cha­rac­ters.»

«My first ne­ga­ti­ve cha­rac­ter was ca­lled Mar­cus, I played him in Car­los Va­li­en­te´s pro­gram, a se­ri­es that was bro­ad­cast by CMQ TV in 1956. It se­ems that the pu­blic liked him, be­cau­se it be­ca­me very po­pu­lar. I be­gan to re­cei­ve pro­po­sals that pi­ge­on­ho­led me in this kind of cha­rac­ter for over thirty ye­ars as the fo­re­man in Doña Bar­ba­ra, by Ve­ne­zu­e­lan wri­ter Ro­mu­lo Ga­lle­gos, or the bullying fo­re­man Ma­tí­as, in the so­ap ope­ra Sol de Ba­tey by Do­ra Alon­so, among many ot­hers. I think the suc­cess ca­me from ne­ver using clic­hés to play them, they always ca­me out na­tu­rally, and even la­ter it was dif­fi­cult for me to bre­ak away from this stig­ma and re-en­act the no­bi­lity of the go­od guys.»

«Alt­hough I ha­ve re­cei­ved a lot of ap­plau­se du­ring my ar­tis­tic ca­re­er, the emo­ti­on of the first ti­me is always subli­me. I fought against all odds to be an ac­tor; Being a child, I worked as a sa­les­man in se­ve­ral pla­ces un­til I was able to pay for my stu­di­es with a French te­ac­her, who at first dis­cou­ra­ged me, but then, se­eing my will, he as­su­red me that I would be an ac­tor. That was the hap­pi­est day of my li­fe.»

«I am ex­tre­mely happy for what I've ac­com­plis­hed as an ac­tor, as a fat­her, a grand­fat­her and as a hu­man being, I con­ti­nue lo­oking to­day for the best cha­rac­ter to play, the one that ne­ver co­mes, and I always want to gi­ve the most and the best of my­self, so I ke­ep dre­a­ming un­til the end.»

En la ver­si­ón te­le­vi­si­va de la no­ve­la Doña Bár­ba­ra, con la mí­ti­ca ac­triz Ra­quel Re­vu­el­ta.

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