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Isa­bel Bus­tos com­mit­ted her­self to cha­llen­ge the stre­ets, ghosts and le­gends of this myt­hi­cal San Cris­tó­bal de La Ha­ba­na. To dance on the stre­ets, parks and pa­ti­os of the his­to­ri­cal cen­ter of Old Ha­va­na has be­co­me a peren­ni­al ob­ses­si­on. Thanks to the sup­port of the City´s His­to­ri­an Of­fi­ce, the Cen­tro de Te­a­tro de La Ha­ba­na (Ha­va­na´s The­a­ter Cen­ter) and the Con­se­jo Nacional de las Ar­tes Es­cé­ni­cas (Na­ti­o­nal Coun­cil of Per­for­ming Arts,) the guests be­co­me wel­co­ming por­ti­cos for the many cre­a­tors and spec­ta­tors.

Du­ring the fes­ti­val, the pu­blic and par­ti­ci­pants of the event we­re able to see many works. Com­pa­ni­es, groups and aca­de­mi­es from mo­re than 15 coun­tri­es, along with 30 works from all over Cu­ba, sha­red si­mi­lar and dif­fe­rent in­terests, as well. Ex­hi­bi­ti­ons, vi­de­o­grap­hic ex­hi­bits, works­hops and fo­rums are strong re­fe­ren­ces of the ma­tu­rity of the fes­ti­val. Its se­ri­ous and sen­si­ble pro­gram design, the con­sis­tent pro­mo­ti­o­nal work and the many par­ti­ci­pa­ting dan­cing groups from all over the country make us fe­el that the Fes­ti­val In­ter­na­ci­o­nal de Danza en Pai­sa­jes Ur­ba­nos, Ha­ba­na Vieja, Ciu­dad en Mo­vi­mi­en­to (International Dan­cing Fes­ti­val in Ur­ban En­vi­ron­ments: Old Ha­va­na, a City in Mo­ti­on) is a most awai­ted and ne­ces­sary event.

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