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Bis Mu­sic re­cord la­bel is re­ac­hing its quar­ter of a cen­tury of exis­ten­ce in 2018. With a pho­no­grap­hic ca­ta­log of mo­re than one thou­sand two hun­dred al­bums, as a re­sult of the cons­tant se­arch for va­lu­a­ble pro­jects, the re­cruit­ment of young ex­po­nents of Cu­ban mu­sic who ha­ve grown up un­der this la­bel, the work with the tro­va­do­res, the dan­ce­a­ble and tra­di­ti­o­nal mu­sic, the pro­mo­ti­on of the folk­lo­ric, the de­fen­se of cri­te­ria of high cul­tu­ral va­lu­es and the se­arch of new con­cepts and for­mats, Bis Mu­sic is to­day a com­pe­ti­ti­ve re­cord and au­di­o­vi­su­al pro­du­cer, which is in tu­ne with the de­mands of the di­gi­tal age, with a ca­ta­log of di­ver­se and high qua­lity Cu­ban mu­sic, which has in­clu­ded, among ot­hers, Adal­ber­to Ál­va­rez, Yu­mu­rí, Ma­no­li­to Si­mo­net, Muñe­qui­tos de Ma­tan­zas, and Pa­blo Mi­la­nés.

New pro­ducts will be re­le­a­sed in 2018 to ce­le­bra­te the an­ni­ver­sary: a do­cu­men­tary film about the twenty-fi­ve ye­ars of work, di­dac­tic and chil­dren's pro­ducts, a te­le­vi­si­on show to lo­ok back on the main ar­tists, mi­les­to­nes and cur­rent pro­jects of Bis Mu­sic, the reis­suing of tit­les of the ca­ta­log in the collec­ti­on May mu­sic be always around, that will in­clu­de es­sen­ti­al al­bums of the his­tory of this la­bel on ac­count of its ar­tis­tic and com­mer­ci­al va­lu­es.

Ar­ri­ba, iz­qui­er­da: Ma­no­li­to Si­mo­net ce­le­bra jun­to a Bis Mu­sic los vein­ti­cin­co años de su or­ques­ta con la pre­sen­ta­ci­ón del ál­bum La vi­da cam­bió. Fo­to: cor­te­sía de Cla­ve Cu­ba­na. Ar­ri­ba, de­rec­ha: Adal­ber­to Ál­va­rez, uno de los ar­tis­tas ex­clu­si­vos de Bis...

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