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With Di­ez mi­llo­nes, Car­los Celdrán mo­ves his long ex­plo­ra­ti­on of re­a­lity and re­a­lism to new ter­ri­to­ri­es. The play is sta­ged by Ar­gos Te­a­tro, the com­pany he has di­rec­ted sin­ce its foun­da­ti­on two de­ca­des ago.

Always ob­ses­sed by what is re­al as an ex­pres­si­on of truth, in a per­ma­nent ne­go­ti­a­ti­on with a po­e­tic re­a­lism as a lan­gua­ge, now bom­bar­ded by wha­te­ver co­de ser­ves to re­la­ti­vi­ze it on its ed­ges and ali­e­na­te it at its cen­ter, di­rec­tor Celdrán has writ­ten his last gre­at cy­cle wit­hin tho­se co­or­di­na­tes.

If you want to be aut­hen­tic, what bet­ter aut­hen­ti­city than your­self? As so­me­o­ne has poin­ted out, that is the only thing that each in­di­vi­du­al knows well and, it could be ad­ded, only so­me­ti­mes. Ac­cus­to­med to poking about the so­ci­al and hu­man masks by cha­rac­ter, ar­tis­tic and in­te­llec­tu­al cons­ci­en­ce, Car­los Celdrán as­sem­bles his own text, so­met­hing un­pre­ce­den­ted in his ca­re­er with Ar­gos Te­a­tro, on the stilts of the con­tem­po­rary the­a­tri­cal cre­a­ti­on that he him­self has be­en using in his the­a­ter, but that in Di­ez mi­llo­nes shi­ne in a fre­er, riski­er and mo­re es­sen­ti­al di­men­si­on.

Di­ez mi­llo­nes is an is­land inside a body.

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