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The first wo­man who ma­na­ged to prac­ti­ce as a doc­tor in Cu­ba was born in Swit­zer­land, and in or­der to study this pro­fes­si­on in Eu­ro­pe, at the be­gin­ning of the 19th cen­tury, she had to dis­gui­se her­self as a man. With a male iden­tity, she gra­du­a­ted as a sur­ge­on in Pa­ris, and af­ter ser­ving in the Na­po­le­o­nic wars she cros­sed the At­lan­tic Oce­an and sett­led in Ba­ra­coa, a city in eas­tern Cu­ba. The­re the suc­ces­ses of the "French doc­tor" at­trac­ted too much at­ten­ti­on, un­til a fe­ar­ful maid re­ve­a­led the se­cret. The scan­dal led to a uni­que tri­al in the Ca­rib­be­an is­land, whe­re the li­fe of En­ri­que­ta Fa­ber re­mains a mys­tery and a le­gend.

The old and the new con­ti­nent had so­met­hing in com­mon: to be very mac­ho and be go­ver­ned by a pa­tri­arc­hal and dis­cri­mi­na­tory-with-fe­ma­les so­ci­ety. That is why the gre­at Cu­ban film­maker Fer­nan­do Pé­rez be­li­e­ves that this story could ha­ve hap­pe­ned in any pla­ce, and con­fi­dent in the con­tem­po­rary re­so­nan­ce of the dra­ma, he cre­a­ted, from the re­al events, the fe­a­tu­re film In­su­mi­sas, along with Swiss di­rec­tor and co-wri­ter Lau­ra Hunter.

His new film del­ves in­to the li­fe of the Swiss wo­man who ca­me to Ba­ra­coa un­der the na­me of En­ri­que Fa­ber and suc­cess­fully prac­ti­ced me­di­ci­ne, and even got to marry a young lo­cal girl.

Fer­nan­do be­li­e­ves in the sig­ns of na­tu­re and uses them in ci­ne­ma with the con­vic­ti­on that tho­se sig­ns or mes­sa­ges will le­ad him to ela­bo­ra­te a bet­ter work, hen­ce his works con­vey an au­ra of spi­ri­tu­a­lity and many cri­tics con­si­der the (Pre­mio Nacional de Ci­ne 2007 Na­ti­o­nal Film Award, 2007) as the most re­le­vant Cu­ban di­rec­tor ali­ve.

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