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«Hum­ber­to would be happy. Everyo­ne wants to co­me to Gi­ba­ra. This shows that we ha­ve ma­na­ged a Fes­ti­val like the one we dre­am of doing», said Jorge Pe­ru­gor­ría, who as­su­med com­mand of the event in 2015 af­ter the de­ath of its foun­der: the le­gen­dary and be­lo­ved di­rec­tor Hum­ber­to Solás.

«Our first words, at the press con­fe­ren­ce of the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Film Fes­ti­val of Gi­ba­ra, are for the fa­mi­li­es of Gi­ba­ra and Hol­guín who lost their lo­ved ones in the avi­a­ti­on ac­ci­dent. To get to this edi­ti­on, Gi­ba­ra has had to over­co­me mis­for­tu­nes that ha­ve in­clu­ded at­mosp­he­ric phe­no­me­na that ha­ve des­troyed it.

»To­day every chan­ge in the res­to­ra­ti­on of the Vi­lla Blan­ca has ma­de it bet­ter and su­pe­ri­or in all res­pects in com­pa­ri­son to the ye­ars of the foun­da­ti­on of the fes­ti­val. The city lo­oks be­au­ti­ful to us, and is ex­ten­si­vely vi­si­ted by tou­rists. It is so­met­hing that its in­ha­bi­tants de­ser­ve, that their pe­o­ple ha­ve ac­hi­e­ved with the de­fen­se of their he­ri­ta­ge.

»I know that the fu­tu­re holds a splen­did fu­tu­re for Gi­ba­ra, as Hum­ber­to always wan­ted: the Trinidad of Hol­guín. This fes­ti­val will always be a per­ma­nent tri­bu­te to his le­gacy, just now ten ye­ars af­ter his de­par­tu­re».

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