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I try to shift my­self from the idea of the myth, be­cau­se all that is very harm­ful and pa­raly­zing; it trans­forms you in­to a stu­pid in a se­cond. So I try to get away from “pant­he­ons” and epic lo­oks. I do not take that se­ri­ously. I ha­ve to rai­se two chil­dren and I ha­ve to te­ach them no­ble and di­vi­ne ideas. I do not ha­ve ti­me to be­li­e­ve that non­sen­se.

I say it wit­hout fal­se va­nity, be­cau­se I've be­en in so­me very se­ri­ous la­bo­ra­to­ri­es of Ame­ri­can mu­sic: in tho­se of Charly Gar­cia, Lit­to Neb­bia, Spi­net­ta, even in Ca­e­ta­no´s, and what I fe­el is to ha­ve be­en a pri­vi­le­ged spec­ta­tor of the Ame­ri­can mu­si­cal mac­hi­ne. It is so­met­hing in­ti­ma­te and I would not be un­truth­ful. I know that I can re­ally play pi­a­no, that I make songs, but to me I am just a pri­vi­le­ged spec­ta­tor of tho­se ge­niu­ses.

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