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It will so­on be a de­ca­de sin­ce the birth of Ar­te por Ex­ce­len­ci­as in the cla­mor of the 2008 Ha­va­na Bi­en­ni­al, and it was to the Co­lom­bi­an ca­pi­tal and its con­tem­po­rary art fair whe­re we ar­ri­ved la­ter with our new ma­ga­zi­ne, al­most from the sa­me trip to know the then still exis­ting Art Ame­ri­ca Fair in Mi­a­mi.

And that Artbo, foun­ded sin­ce then as an arts pro­gram of the Cham­ber of Com­mer­ce of Bo­gotá, is to­day an im­por­tant plat­form for cultural exc­han­ge and re­se­arch in the re­gi­on, which has be­en es­ta­blis­hed by its se­lec­ti­on of ga­lle­ri­es and di­ver­se and in­no­va­ti­ve con­tent, with mo­re than se­venty na­ti­o­nal and in­ter­na­ti­o­nal ga­lle­ri­es, a hu­ge show­ca­se of con­tem­po­rary art that spans the en­ti­re ar­tis­tic sce­ne of the city.

It is worth re­ca­lling now that we are re­tur­ning with a stand at the 14th edi­ti­on of the Artbo Fair, for the se­venth con­se­cu­ti­ve ye­ar, with the pre­sen­ce of the jour­na­list and art cri­tic Jo­sé An­to­nio Piñe­ra and the be­au­ti­ful ma­ga­zi­ne Ar­te por Ex­ce­len­ci­as, which co­mes from the suc­cess­ful fair Swab Barcelona and will be pre­sen­ted at Es­tam­pa Ma­drid as a me­dia part­ner and with spe­ci­al en­voys. Betwe­en re­ports and ex­clu­si­ve in­ter­vi­ews from mo­re than fif­te­en coun­tri­es from Ame­ri­ca and the Ca­rib­be­an, our la­test edi­ti­on brings the pre­sen­ce of Gé­ne­sis Gal­lle­ri­es, the pro­mo­ti­on of the Cu­ban Fund of Cultural As­sets and the re­cent ex­hi­bi­ti­on of the ar­tist Al­ber­to Lescay.

Our pre­sen­ce in the fair is be­cau­se we be­li­e­ve in the sy­nergy of fairs and fes­ti­vals, as well as in se­mi­nars and con­fe­ren­ces, and we have op­ted to ac­com­pany its growth and sti­mu­la­ti­on pro­ces­ses as the best in­vest­ment for the in­cen­ti­ve of cultural exc­han­ge and tou­rism. This is pro­ven by our Ex­ce­len­ci­as Awards, which in 2019 we will on­ce again de­li­ver in the epi­cen­ter of the Spa­nish ca­pi­tal du­ring the new edi­ti­on of Fi­tur, and which co­ver the ca­te­gory of art and cul­tu­re on the tenth an­ni­ver­sary of our pu­bli­ca­ti­on.

Now that the cur­tain of his 26th In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Ballet Fes­ti­val is about to be un­vei­led in Ha­va­na and the­re are fi­gu­res from the Uni­ted Sta­tes, the ballet from Ar­gen­ti­na, who have fans from all over the world, we are de­ligh­ted to open the first edi­ti­on of the ma­ga­zi­ne Ex­ce­len­ci­as Tu­rís­ti­cas, pu­blis­hed in 1997, which con­tains four pa­ges de­di­ca­ted to the Na­ti­o­nal Ballet of Cu­ba and the pas­si­on of Ali­cia Alon­so in the cre­a­ti­on of a com­pany wit­hout equal, and her ballet sc­ho­ol, very uni­que in the way she es­ta­blis­hed her­self in front of her si­mi­lar in the world se­venty ye­ars ago.

I thought about all this when I saw the Cos­ta Ri­can Kat­he­ri­ne Mu­ller, as re­gi­o­nal di­rec­tor of Unes­co, happy in the Tri­ni­dad of Cu­ba, inau­gu­ra­ting along with va­ri­ous cre­a­tors an ex­hi­bi­ti­on in the art ga­llery, who clim­bed a small stair­ca­se, spo­on in hand, hel­ping to ser­ve in the stre­et the lar­gest canchánc­ha­ra of the is­land in a lar­ge eart­henwa­re jar a mix­tu­re of brandy and ho­ney, with so­me ci­trus by hand and se­ve­ral do­zen bott­les of tri­ni­ta­ri­an rum, ma­de du­ring the two days of the Gour­met Tra­di­ti­on Se­mi­nar, which was con­ve­ned by the Of­fi­ce of the Con­ser­va­tor of Tri­ni­dad and was ad­vi­sed with hu­mi­lity by our te­am.

Right the­re the idea of do­cu­men­ting the ca­sa­be as a joint pro­po­sal of Cu­ba and the Do­mi­ni­can Re­pu­blic was born, to in­clu­de it in the list of the In­tan­gi­ble He­ri­ta­ge of Hu­ma­nity, from a ques­ti­on from the pu­blic to the pre­sen­ta­ti­on of the Do­mi­ni­can chef Ti­ta about the va­lu­es of ca­sa­be or ca­sa­bi as Abo­ri­gi­nal fo­od com­mon to Quis­queya and the eas­tern Cu­ban area, which un­le­as­hed the ent­hu­si­asm of tho­se pre­sent and the sup­port of the pre­si­dent of the Na­ti­o­nal He­ri­ta­ge Coun­cil of Cu­ba and the Re­gi­o­nal Di­rec­tor of Unes­co.

And it is that Bo­go­ta, Ha­va­na, San­ti­a­go de los Ca­ba­lle­ros and Tri­ni­dad have much in com­mon, as the vi­su­al arts and ballet, the canchánc­ha­ra and ca­sa­be: you must have the vision of three hun­dred and sixty de­gre­es of the Ame­ri­can condor to be able to climb the flight in the de­fen­se and pro­mo­ti­on of art and cul­tu­re of our pe­o­ples from Ibe­ro-ame­ri­ca.

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