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The Na­ti­o­nal Ballet of Cu­ba re­ach, to the pri­de of all, its se­ven de­ca­des of glo­ri­ous strug­gle, event that marks a mi­les­to­ne not only in the sco­pe of our sta­ge dan­ce but al­so in the his­tory of our na­ti­o­nal cul­tu­re.

The tri­ad Alon­so-ali­cia, Fer­nan­do and Al­ber­to, sin­ce the mid-thir­ti­es of the last cen­tury, had the au­da­city to go beyond the eli­tist fra­mework of the Ballet Sc­ho­ol of the Pro Ar­te Musical So­ci­ety of Ha­va­na.

In the­se se­venty ye­ars of con­ti­nu­ous work that we now ce­le­bra­te, the Na­ti­o­nal Ballet of Cu­ba has ma­na­ged to be in a high pla­ce in the na­ti­o­nal cul­tu­re and in the in­ter­na­ti­o­nal dan­ce mo­ve­ment, the best exam­ple of a new sc­ho­ol.

On Ju­ne 19, the Cu­ban Go­vern­ment de­ci­ded to de­cla­re the Na­ti­o­nal Ballet of Cu­ba as Cultural He­ri­ta­ge of the Cu­ban Na­ti­on, through the Re­so­lu­ti­on num­ber 31 of the Mi­nistry of Cul­tu­re. In vi­ew of the gre­at­ness of the cre­a­ti­ve work of the com­pany, the world re­cog­ni­zes it as the fruit of the ta­lent of a who­le pe­o­ple, of the uns­haka­ble faith of a group of cre­a­tors and of a wi­se ar­tis­tic po­licy that has be­en able to va­lue the in­he­ri­tan­ce of the past, com­ple­te the du­ti­es of its ti­me and the no less im­pe­ra­ti­ve de­mands of the future.

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