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Carlos Acosta collects so­me of the gre­a­test tit­les that a dancer can hold on the pla­net, but suc­cess and in­ter­na­ti­o­nal re­cog­ni­ti­on ne­ver ma­de him for­get his ori­gins. This is de­mons­tra­ted in his au­to­bi­o­graphy, No Way Ho­me (Sin mi­rar atrás), which re­cently ins­pi­red the making of a film about the ex­tra­or­di­nary Cu­ban dancer.

The film Yu­li, di­rec­ted by the Spa­nish film­maker Ici­ar Bo­lla­ín, com­pe­ted in Sep­tem­ber at the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Film Fes­ti­val of San Se­bas­ti­an, Spain, and is re­ady to tour ot­her events, in­clu­ding the 40th Ha­va­na Film Fes­ti­val, from De­cem­ber 6 to 16.

Eu­ro­pe­an cri­tics ga­ve the tit­le of "lu­mi­nous", "emo­ti­ve" and "dazz­ling" to the film star­ring by Acosta him­self along­si­de San­ti­a­go Alfonso, Lau­ra de la Uz, Yer­lín Pé­rez, Key­vin Mar­tí­nez and the child Edil­son Ma­nu­el Ol­be­ra, among ot­her ac­tors.

The com­pany Acosta Dan­za al­so par­ti­ci­pa­tes in the film on a scre­en­play by the Scot­tish Paul La­verty, win­ner of the Pal­me d'or at Can­nes twi­ce and a re­gu­lar wri­ter of Ken Lo­ach's films. For this film in par­ti­cu­lar, La­verty was ba­sed on No Way Ho­me, alt­hough the re­a­li­za­ti­on do­es not in­tend to pre­sent a bi­o­pic.

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