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Fif­te­en ye­ars ago, Marta Ortega de­ci­ded to re­ti­re from her dan­cing ca­re­er. She was six­te­en when she left the sta­ge. But she did not want to ke­ep dis­tan­ce from what her li­fe had be­en sin­ce child­ho­od and un­til that mo­ment: ballet. She then op­ted to take a te­ac­hing ca­re­er.

In one of the halls of the sa­me sc­ho­ol in Pra­do, whe­re Marta pre­pa­red for her spe­ci­alty, Carlos Acosta was pro­du­cing To­co­ro­ro, a Cu­ban fa­ble. Af­ter watc­hing so­me re­her­sals, Marta Ortega redrew the de­ci­si­on re­gar­ding her future. Fo­llowing her vo­ca­ti­on, she de­ci­ded to dan­ce again, only this ti­me she de­ci­ded to be a con­tem­po­rary dancer. She would not we­ar ballet sho­es again.

Next Oc­to­ber 15, the Royal Aca­demy of Dan­ce of the Uni­ted King­dom will grant Carlos Acosta the Qu­e­en Eli­za­beth II Co­ro­na­ti­on Award. For this oc­ca­si­on, Carlos Acosta will re­turn to the sta­ge with a work by pres­ti­gi­ous Si­ri Lar­bi. It is a duo who­se tit­le is Mer­maid. Everyt­hing is or­ga­ni­zed so that Mer­maid will be dan­ced by Carlos Acosta and Marta Ortega.

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