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very country has its own taxis, but ri­tish black cabs are the most em­ble­ma­tic of all with over a cen­tury of exis­ten­ce and they stand out as one of on­don’s sym­bols. he­se taxis ha­ve been ma­de by dif­fe­rent brands.

Thor­se-hau­led he ori­gin of black cabs goes back to the 18th cen­tury hack­ney ca­rria­ge, ren­ted ca­rria­ges. Sin­ce the early days of the 190s to the la­te 1950s, the black cabs we­re only ma­de by such Bri­tish com­pa­nies as Morris, Aus­tin, Win­ches­ter and Beard­mo­re. In 1977, Lon­don Taxis In­ter­na­tio­nal (LTI) launched the TX1, with a Nis­san die­sel en­gi­ne and, in 2002, that mo­del was re­pla­ced by TX2. Mo­dern TX4 was put out in 2006. So­me 17,000 of the­se taxis are es­ti­ma­ted to be pre­sently cir­cu­la­ting in Lon­don. The black cabs ha­ve go­ne beyond Bri­tish bor­ders and they can be cu­rrently found in ot­her Eu­ro­pean coun­tries, as well as in La­tin Ame­ri­ca and Asia.

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