OPEL AM­PE­RA-e 2017

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El Am­pe­ra-e es un mo­no­vo­lu­men de 4.16 m de lar­go y pro­pul­sión eléc­tri­ca. Tie­ne cin­co puer­tas y ca­pa­ci­dad pa­ra trans­por­tar a cin­co pa­sa­je­ros. Es la va­rian­te de Opel del Che­vro­let Bolt EV ya que la mar­ca ale­ma­na per­te­ne­ce a Ge­ne­ral Mo­tors. Pe­ro es­to va a cam­biar pró­xi­ma­men­te da­do que el Gru­po PSA tra­mi­ta la com­pra de Opel. Se­gún el acuer­do al que lle­gue el Gru­po PSA con GM de­ter­mi­na­rá el futuro del Am­pe­ra-e. De cual­quier ma­ne­ra, aho­ra se co­mer­cia­li­za en cua­tro paí­ses eu­ro­peos: Ale­ma­nia, Ho­lan­da, No­rue­ga y Sui­za, a un cos­to que ron­da los 40 000 €.

Am­pe­ra-e is a 4.16 me­ter-long mi­ni­van that ca­rries an elec­tric en­gi­ne. This fi­ve-door mo­del has spa­ce for fi­ve passengers. It is Opel’s va­riant for Che­vro­let Bolt EV, sin­ce the Ger­man brand is ma­na­ged by Ge­ne­ral Mo­tors. This rea­lity is about to chan­ge be­cau­se the PSA Group is going th­rough the pro­cess to buy Opel. The fu­tu­re of Am­pe­ra-e will be de­fi­ned by the agree­ment sig­ned bet­ween the PSA Group and GM. Any­way, it is pre­sently being mar­ke­ted in four Eu­ro­pean coun­tries: Ger­many, Ho­lland, Nor­way and Swit­zer­land, for nearly 40,000 €.

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