FIAT 500L 2017

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Fiat ac­tua­li­za el 500L que lan­zó ori­gi­nal­men­te en 2012. La pues­ta al día ha si­do pro­fun­da, ya que el fa­bri­can­te di­ce que el 40 % de los com­po­nen­tes son nue­vos. Hay tres va­rian­tes de ca­rro­ce­ría cu­ya de­no­mi­na­ción es Ur­ban, Cross y Wa­gon. El Ur­ban es el que an­te­rior­men­te no te­nía nin­gu­na de­no­mi­na­ción es­pe­cí­fi­ca (era 500 L a se­cas), el Cross se de­no­mi­na­ba Trek­king y el Wa­gon es el an­te­rior 500L Li­ving. La lon­gi­tud de ca­da uno es dis­tin­ta. El 500L Ur­ban mi­de 4.24 m, el 500L Cross 4.28 m y el 500L Wa­gon lle­ga a 4.38 m. Es­te úl­ti­mo, al ser mu­cho ma­yor que los otros dos, tie­ne más ma­le­te­ro y la po­si­bi­li­dad de lle­var dos pla­zas adi­cio­na­les.

POR/BY: EXCELENCIAS DEL MO­TOR Fiat has brought its  L up to da­te. It has been a sig­ni­fi­cant up­gra­de, sin­ce the com­pany an­noun­ced that  per­cent of the com­po­nents are new. The­re are th­ree body mo­dels na­med Ur­ban, Cross and Wa­gon. Ur­ban didn’t pre­viously ha­ve a spe­ci­fic de­no­mi­na­tion (it was just  L), Cross was ca­lled Trek­king and Wa­gon was the pre­vious L Li­ving. Their si­zes are dif­fe­rent. L Ur­ban is . m long, L Cross is . m and L Wa­gon stret­ched to . m. Sin­ce the last one is lon­ger than the ot­her mo­dels, it fea­tu­res trunk and the pos­si­bi­lity to carry two mo­re seats. Nis­san has an up­da­ted X-Trail. It has co­me out to re­pla­ce the  mo­del, with the in­tro­duc­tion of both ex­ter­nal and internal look mo­di­fi­ca­tions and equip­ment elements that we­re not pre­viously available. It is . m long and re­pre­sents an al­ter­na­ti­ve to such mo­dels as Škoda Ko­diaq, Mitsubishi Outlan­der or KIA So­ren­to. The main mo­di­fi­ca­tions can be found on the front. It fea­tu­res dif­fe­rent bum­pers, gri­lle, head­lights and fog lamps. New --inch rim mo­dels has been in­clu­ded, as well as four new body co­lors: pear­led oran­ge, pear­led red, pear­led blue and dark pear­led brown.

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